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Aqua product exports to Dubai tripled

A promotional initiative of Aegean Exporters Union, a member of Assembly of Turkish Exporters, Aqua Products Promotion committee participated in Seafex fair held in Dubai, UAE, 9-11 November 2014, as part of its activities to increase exports of Turkish seafood products.

Fish based dishes prepared by Chef Ibrahim Onen using special sauces were served to about 2 thousand visitors during the event. Promotional efforts of the committee in this market begin to produce results and exports of Turkish origin fishes to UAE has already been tripled to 10 million dollars from its earlier level of 3.5 million dollars during the Jan. – Oct. 2013 period. Chairman of the committee Melih Isliel said, “With its location and profile of population Dubai is an attractive market for seafood. Having large amount of foreigners, the Emirates imports especially seabass and seabream that are sold in markets and served in the restaurants. Fishes served in the fair venue have met with great interest.” Chairman of Aegean Aqua and Animal Products Exporters Union, Sinan Aqua product exports to Dubai tripled Kiziltan said that by the first 10 month of 2014 about 10 million dollars worth of fish were exported to UAE. “UAE and Middle East are important markets for us to realize the targets of 2023.” he said. The lion’s share in exports to UAE goes to seabreams with about 7.3 million dollars and it is followed by seabass exports that accounts for 2.3 million dollars.


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