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AS BESIN, a Leading Brand in Pulses!


The company set up the first full automation bulgur plant all over the world and the first pistachio plant in Turkey at world standards.

“We have set up the first full automation Bulgur Plant in all over the world. And we have first World Standards Pistachio Plant in Turkey. Moreover, we have all of the quality management and hygienic certificates. According to these certificates we built lots of microbiologic laboratory,” says Ali Beken, a partner of the company. Mr. Beken answered the questions of Food Turkey magazine. Full text of the interview follows:

Can you brief us about your company?
AS BESIN assigned the first step to the sector in 1970. Owners of AS BESİN had had a wide accumulation and experience in the agricultural industry based on ancient history they established AS BESIN in 1990. We pride ourselves as a leader in the pulses (legumes) and nuts industry. AS BESIN has established its new
plant, which has 10000 m² closed area, in Organized Industrial Zone in 1995 and still continues by growing day byday.

What does your product portfolio include?
Our products are bulgur, red lentils, pulses, pasta, spices and dried nuts.

Can you give details of your quality and capacity?
Our R&D department invented very important inventions for the entire sector, which are whole red lentils and a drying system. Due to these two big inventions, products have been started to process more hygienic and natural. We have set up the first full automation Bulgur Plant all over the world. And we have the first World Standards Pistachio Plant in Turkey. Moreover, we have all of the quality management and hygienic certificates. According to these certificates we built lots of microbiologic laboratory. Our factories can manufacture 150 tons per day for each packing products.

Can you brief your exports? Which countries do you export?
47% of current production is exported and then the target for this rate is get the 75% and go to raise the consequent capacity. We export as a global brand to Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and over 50 countries in the world.

Are there any leguminous products that Turkey is the leader in the world with?
Turkey has the biggest bulgur manufacturers. Turkey has manufacture 1,000,000 tons per year. The domesticconsumption is 800,000 tons and rest of them for exporting. Most quality wheat fields are located in Arizona and southeastern Anatolia region in Turkey. That is why Turkey is the biggest producer. Moreover, it is also same for red lentils. The most quality and tasteful lentils grow up in southeastern Anatolia region.

Do you have any targets and plans you set for the shortterm?
We planted agriculture product which is under the name of sustainable agriculture project to 1.2-1.5 million m² agriculture lands in southeast of Turkey which is Turkey’s and world’s most fertile lands. We really proud of being first pulses company to support the agriculture sector and also shed light on the future of Turkey. We provide
10% of our production in this context with this project and additionally, we provide 25% of percent energy saving with some of the changes we made in the production department of our company that working with our R&D
department’s policy. Moreover, with this changes and the policy our aim is to increase the percentage of sustainableagriculture and produce our own energy and being a self-sufficient company.



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