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Beyoglu Chocolate, a New Brand With a Vast Experience


A new brand in the chocolate market rises from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Food Turkey magazine has recently conducted an exclusive interview with Tülay Sözeri, Incentive Projects Director of the company, about their operations. Full text of the interview follows:

What are your plans and targets in this market?
The industry is a dynamic one and fares as the cultural developments and demographics in the countries.
It addresses to every folks of life so it affects all, economy, culture and social structure. Both traditional and modern production methods are utilized in the production and it consumes serious amount of food, additional and packaging materials of other sectors in the economy. The rise of purchasing power of consumers and their consciousness about
healthy products have paved the way for more competition among brands in the market. Though we are new in the market, we have enough knowledge and expertise to keep pace of the developments in the market and to get the preferences of buyers towards our products. We have been watching the behaviors of buyers and trends in the market for years. This is a major advantage for competition.

Would you inform us about your latest product Dobido?
Fast urbanization in Turkey and rising power of purchasing and consump tions of buyers are basic dynamics in the market. Demographic profile of the country signals that population is mainly composed of younger people at less than 35 years; this segment accounts for 60 percent of total population. Target segments of this Dobido product are the kids and younger people. They have higher level of preferences and we aimed to provide them the best for their tastes. Only the products having price advantage, higher nutritional values and glossy products are able to find a share in the market. In a country that has lower per capita consumption of chocolate, and emergence of new segments in the market may turn the disadvantages into advantages for us.

What is your target in export markets with this new product?
Larger part of sweets and chocolate trades are made among the developing countries. When deciding on our target markets we considered the higher income countries that have higher consumption of candies and chocolates, and rising trend of consumption in the world. Our exports to North African and Middle Eastern countries that have younger populations are increasing year after year. Our target is to increase exports by 100% each year. Having cultural similarities with Turkey these countries are helpful for us, besides our insistence of Islamic production processes. Multinational companies are also setting back from these markets.

Do you have any additional comments?
We thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Branding is a powerful tool for competition in this segment. The brand is like a living organism; it reflects not only the products but also the past and the traditions of the owning company. We are hopeful to be successful. I wish all participating brands in the fair the same success.



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