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Meet Altinkaya for meat !

Founded in 1976 as a family business, ALTINKAYA is one of the leading companies of its sector, producing meat products from caves, cattle, chicken and turkey without any compromise from its meticulous working principles and continuousy improving its production capacity with tons of products that it manufactures every year in this new century.

Altinkaya is proud to serve the leading businesses of our country with its innovative management approach and specialized personnel that is focused on people’s health, relied by its customers, adopting open and effective communication, and maintain as the master of taste.

Altinkaya Meat and Meat Products Company was founded in 1967 by the Altinkaya Brothers. At Altinkaya facilities, the company produces 200 kinds of products with a quality of approximatey 5000 tons of meat products from caves, chickens and turkeys.Speciaized personnel are employed in our facilities with total area of 5000 m2, where they manufacture their products with the care and hygiene of IsLamic rules using the latest technological equipment, and sell their products under the brands BESYILDIZ and MUJDE to its consumers. ALTINKAYA has completed the procedures necessary to verify in the international platform that it perform faultless production, and has had its productions registered with a HACCP certifıcate.

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