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MİSUN prefers Fawema technology for packaging technology

On the outskirts of the town of Amasya, stands the impressive and modern flourmill of KOZLU Gida, also known as MISUN. This leading Turkish mill has chosen FAWEMA, a famous German packaging machinery company, for exciting new packing project.
Amasya, located in northern Turkey near to the Black Sea coast, is a place of outstanding natural beauty. Established in the 4th century BC, the town has been the home of a number of civilizations and cultures and has witnessed many transitions of power. Today the town is a thriving hub for fruit agriculture, especially apples, and also for tourism both domestic and international.

On the outskirts of the town of Amasya, stands the impressive and modern flourmill of KOZLU Gida, also known as Misun. The origins of Kozlu date back to 1940’s when the company was originally established with a small wheat mill in Amasya having a daily capacity of just 16 tons. Over the years, the daily milling capacity gradually increased but when the decision was taken to build a new, state-of-the-art mill for 900 tons per day, this put Kozlu on the map as one of the top millers in Turkey. Later this year, with further expansion work, the capacity will reach 1500 tons per day.

Today, Kozlu is still a family-run business with 3 generations of the family involved in the management of the mill and the philosophy has always been the same: seek the very best in each and every aspect of the business. With this progressive philosophy in mind, the Kozlu family decided unanimously to award FAWEMA the contract to supply a new automatic flour packing line to pack retail-size flour of 1 kg 2 kg and 5 kg. in ready-made paper bags.

Mr. Emir Kozlu explains the criteria behind the decision: “we wanted the best quality flour packing machine available on the market because we wanted to achieve the best possible results”.

Fawema proposed the FA217 machine and the modern and advanced technology included in the packing line perfectly matched the client’s aspirations and objectives. Thanks to modern servo-drive, the machine is extremely accurate and the wear & tear drastically reduced compared to mechanical cam-drive machinery.

Furthermore, the machine needs no oil bath or lubrication, which means an overall cleaner working cycle and no risk of contamination with the flour. There are very few wearing parts, no rubber suction cups and access to all parts of the machine is immediate and easy.

The deal was agreed and once the order was placed, Fawema set to work at their base near Cologne in Germany. Firstly a layout drawing was produced indicating the footprint of the new line inside Kozlu’s mill and once the customer gave approval, Fawema’s engineers and technical personnel began the design and manufacturing process. Kozlu was always kept well informed on progress and soon the new packing line was ready at Fawema’s factory for inspection and FAT (factory acceptance test).

For this important stage of the project, Fawema invited Kozlu to send key technical members of staff from the mill in Turkey to witness the machine testing which was done recreating the same conditions as those at the mill, by using wheat flour and the original paper bags utilized by the customer. The FAT also serves the purpose of making a personal introduction between the customer himself and the specific Fawema engineer who would then later install and commission the line at the mill. This seemingly casual introduction is actually extremely valuable – for both sides – as it allows the two parties to engage in question and answer sessions while the machinery is still on the supplier’s workshop floor.

Once the machine inspection was completed and the testing was successfully done to the Buyer’s satisfaction, an in-house training program took place for the Kozlu members of staff. Great importance is placed on this primary training program and justifiably so because it allows the customer’s technical personnel to familiarize themselves with the new equipment before the machinery reaches the mill and gives the opportunity for them to operate the line under the watchful supervision of Fawema engineers. Any minor snags or details can be ironed out at this time ensuring that once the new machinery arrives at the final place of installation, it is tried, tested, certified and approved by both sides, which guarantees a speedy and trouble-free installation and startup.

Installation work at the Kozlu plant started with the challenge of hoisting the machinery from ground level onto a high-level floor of the mill and brought inside the building via an open access point. This was successfully done and then it was just a question of laying out the line as was indicated on the Fawema installation drawing and the final commission work commenced. Thanks to the factory acceptance test already carried out at Fawema’s workshop in Germany, the machine commissioning was swift and efficient with the Fawema engineer and the Kozlu technical staff working together as a friendly, well-organized and well-disciplined team.

Once commissioning was successfully completed, a final training session was undertaken to ensure that all the Turkish staff were totally happy and confident with every aspect of the machine operation, before official handover of the line from Fawema to Kozlu was celebrated with a round of excellent, freshly-brewed Turkish tea!

Mr. Emir Kozlu is delighted with the final result: “we needed a machine that would not give us any problems, which would deliver perfect packages and which would work for many years to come. We are very satisfied with Fawema, we have never faced any difficulties and we understand now that we made absolutely the right decision in choosing Fawema as our supplier”.

Kozlu had worked previously with packing equipment from another source, which functioned on a rotary cycle with mechanical cam-drive but since the installation of the new Fawema linear-design machine with modern servo-drive technology, huge improvements have been evident. Mr. Kozlu explained: “since we started production with the Fawema equipment, packages have become more regular, the production rate is far greater, the machine is more reliable and downtime caused by stoppages or faults has been eliminated. We can work non-stop and this has benefitted our shift efficiency accordingly. The final shrink-wrapped bags of flour are more compact and tightly bundled compared to before and this means easier and safer storage on pallets in the warehouse”.

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