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Pasta With Lentil and Chickpea From Arbella

Innovation leader of the pasta industry Arbella Pasta continues to offer innovative products to pasta and healthy nutritional enthusiasts.

Arbella, which offers new products with its R & D studies in the pasta sector, especially focuses on healthy products. Arbella, following the healthy product trend in the world, presented lentil macaroni and chickpea pasta to its healthy nutritional enthusiasts. Stating that the new trend in the world is healthy and nutritious food, Hasan Arslan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Arbella Pasta, stated that pulses were coming at the beginning of these foods. Hasan Arslan, who reminded that 2016 was declared as “World Pulse Year” by the application of the Confederation of World Pulse (GPC) and the United Nations, gave the knowledge that he brought the pulp and the macaroni together after two years of R & D work. Arslan, who emphasizes that the pasta is made entirely natural because it is produced from durum wheat anddoes not contain any additives, said, “We have conducted R & D studies tomake it healthier and then we have made macaroni and realized a province in Turkey; We combined it with celery and nougat pasta. Underlining that legumes are the most ecologically and environmentally friendly product group that protects and improves human health and is the most healthy, nonalergic and herbal protein, Arslan says that they bring the pasta and the macaroni together to contribute to healthy life and in doing so, They have developed products without moving away. Arbella is an innovative company, expressing that they are following the trends in the world as well as the trends. In October last year, Sial World Tour competition, which is worthy of evaluating three products from 30 countries, said that they represent Turkey with a different pasta variety contributing to health and that they will continue to sign the firsts in adamTurkey and in the world. Arslan said that they combine macaroni pulses with high protein and fiber ratio and make them healthy in this way with the products they put on the new market. Drawing attention to the fact that they exported to countries close to the face of the world, Arslan gave the following information: “Our healthy product group sees heavy demand in exports. We exported 50 million dollars in 2015. When we look at our data for 2016, we see that we have a growth of 15 percent over the previous year. Our target markets are India, China and Russia and we aim to grow by 10 percent in 2017. We believe that innovations in product and service will create value for our country as well. We believe that these special products we have developed will contribute to the perception and consumption of Turkey pasta in the world. We will continue to support our R & D efforts and the development of the ecosystem. “


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