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“Pratik Yemekler” aims to introduce traditional Turkish tastes to the world!

Pratik Yemekler Pazarlama Ve Gıda A.S. company was established in Gaziantep in 2008.

First product we produced was called ‘etsiz çiğ köfte’ [uncooked balls without meat] then we developed different varieties of this food and extended product range with kısır (tabouleh) and mercimekli köfte [lentil balls]. In 2012, Pratik Yemekler company added spice production line to produce mint, sumac and red pepper.

Ayvaz SARI, general manager of the company, outlined their operations, “The first aim of our company is to produce healthy and high quality products. We combine the health and taste in products for consumers but especially for ladies who want to save time.

“We started with ‘etsiz çiğ köfte’ in 2008. So, we introduced unique taste of Gaziantep to Turkey. This product is preferred because it is very easy, tasty and economical and ready in 15 minutes and you use only water and tomato paste to prepare. The most important reason for preference is that we never use additives and preservatives. So, the mothers rely on us. We observed that the people love this food and we decided to develop different flavors. Then ‘mercimekli köfte and kısır (tabouleh)’ were added into the production line. These products are very popular due to being naturel as other product, but the most preferred product by the consumers is ‘etsiz çiğ köfte’.

We are in the market to produce the best quality with the lowest price. Gaziantep, where we are based in, is the main area for Mint, Summac and Red Pepper.  Our international customers demanded these products from us. Since they know the quality of our products and services, they asked us to produce these products in our own facilities. In 2012, we started produce Summac, Dried Mint and Red Grounded Pepper. All products are produced in hygienic conditions according to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. %100 natural mint and sumac leaves are used in production. We never use additives because health of human is our first principle. All production line is checked by food engineer; and chemical, physical and microbiological analyses are done continuously for every batch. %90 of the spices we produce are for export only.

“We are the company that develops and renewing itself continuously. We sell Cikofte, Kısır (tabuleh) and MercimekliKöte to Turkish local market for now, but our goal is to introduce our special meals to all over the world. Turkish kitchen has really great tastes and whole earth must taste these tastes. We recommend trying our products to everyone; who wants to save time and eat tasty and healthy meal.

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