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Salat aims to power up in the sector

As one of the first names remembered in association with vegetable oil, Salat brand is sold to Bunge, a global company, in 2013. Founded in 1960s the company is now preparing itself for a new expansion strategy aiming to build up its awareness in consumer markets under the management of Erman Erol, sales and marketing director of the brand who has put domestic and neighboring markets on his radar for future development. He emphasized on the Turkey’s potential and the investments they are about to start. Salat has restarted operations in their factory to produce sunflower, corn and canola oils. Natural hinterland of Turkey, neighboring countries in Middle East was chosen as prime targets for exports. Having only 1 percent share in the market in 2014, the brand now has a 5 percent share and targeted to reach 7 percent by the end of 2015.

About 500 to 550 million tons of vegetable oil was produced worldwide in 2014. Turkey’s share in this market could only be reached to 2.75 million tons. 1.25 million tons of this volume was obtained from sunflowers. The gap between supply and demand has been met with imports from countries around Black Sea. Erman Erol said, “This year demand for household and industrial consumption may be higher than the supply level of 2014. To limit the amount of imported oil seed productionshould be increased. There are some problems in the industry regarding the currency rates, custom duties and adulteration of oils, that paves the lane for unfair competition.” Per capita consumption of oil in Turkey is about 17 to 17.2 liter annually. Of them 11.4 liter goes to sunflower oil. Per capita daily consumption is about two spoons. Sunflower oil has the highest vitamin level among other kinds, and is mentioned frequently in the list for diets, because it helps the digestion and increasing metabolism.

About the Salat brand that has a long history and high level of consumer trust, Erman Erol said, “We targeted to have a sustainable growth by offering natural, tasty and high qualityoil to our supply chain partners and consumers. We select the best seeds and harvests, process them with latest tests and technology and package them in automatic bottling facility. We control every stage of production and supply chain reaching the consumers.” Salat has earned the “Highest Taste Award” issued by ternational taste and quality institute in June 2015. Salat is the first and only brand having this award in Turkey for its sunflower, corn and canola oils. Erol said, “In line with our glorious past image in the market, we launch a new campaign   with our “New Harvest” products that will be on retail shelves of Migros chain stores. The product is made of e early harvests of sunflowers farmed in the Trace region and it will be produced as a limited edition with an aim to get a prestigious place on the tables.”

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