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Tavuk Dünyası is recommended to all consumers

*Tavuk Dünyası is ‘Recommended to All Consumers’ within the scope of the “Golden Brand Awards” of EU Consumers Protection Foundation. Tavuk Dünyası had been deemed worthy of the same award back in 2013, too.

Tavuk Dünyası, which created a difference in the food & beverage industry and opened a brand-new field, is named as ‘the brand to be recommended to all consumers’ by the EU Consumers Protection Foundation (TTKD). Thus, Tavuk Dünyası is certified with ‘Golden Brand’ title and ‘Recommended to All Consumers’ label.

At the end of the assessments, Tavuk Dünyası took its place among ‘the brands that receive least or none complaints’ in 2017. And since Tavuk Dünyası is qualified to be recommended to all consumers in this sense and it is aimed to contribute to its brand value, TTKD jury declared it a brand to be ‘Recommended to All Consumers’ in the restaurant category for ‘September 2018’.

Thus, “Tavuk Dünyası” gained the right to use the logo and certificate of “2018 Golden Brand” and “Recommended to All Consumers.”

In the “Respectful Brand Awards” ceremony held in the 32nd anniversary of TTKD, the brands producing high quality products in various industries such as food, clothing, cosmetics and furniture were rewarded with ‘Recommend to All Consumers’ logo and certificate. Tavuk Dünyası was awarded in the restaurant category with this logo and certificate.

Volkan Mumcu, CEO of Tavuk Dünyası, made a brief statement regarding this honor: “Tavuk Dünyası that opened a brand-new field for itself in the food & beverage industry managed to attract the attention of everyone within a short time frame like 6 years with its unique concept. With the flavors that we prepare and present based on taken from the different cuisines of the world and the services that we offer in the pleasant restaurant atmosphere making our guests feel comfortable and special, we have carried our customer satisfaction level to 96%. With this award that we won in the ‘Respectful Brand Awards’, we are pleased to prove this success once again.”

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