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THY serves Marmarabirlik olives to its passengers

 Having a five-year contract with Turkish Airlines, Marmarabirlik supplies Gemlik type olives and olive products to about 60 million passengers flying with Turkish Airlines, the national flag Partnered by 8 agricultural cooperatives and 32 farmers Marmarabirlik tries to associate its brand with majör brands in Turkey.

Chairman of Marmarabirlik, Hidayet Asa says the contract with THY is gaining momentum. He added, “In 2014 we supplied 2 million servings of lemon sauce and olive oil and 8 million pieces of olive packs. Total olive we sold to THY reached to 60 million. With this way, we have also been promoting our Gemlik type olives to passengers worldwide. DO&CO is the official supplier of THY for inflight food and drink services.”

“Our products are also consumed other fields of out-of-home consumption, hotels, restaurants and catering business. With new contracts our share in this market is growing steadily, 189% increase in 2014. We hope that sales to this segment will be more in the coming years. Natural and hygienic products of Marmarabirlik are now sold in 81 province in Turkey and in 47 countries in the world.” he concluded.

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