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Turkish Airlines wins international award for ‘best food and beverage’

Turkish Airlines’ exquisite inflight catering has been once again voted as the best in the world, receiving another prestigious award at the Passenger Choice Awards 2013

Turkish Airlines has won the ‘best food and beverage’ award at this year’s Passenger Choice Awards, a US based awards program that collects airline passengers’ votes.

By winning the award, Turkish Airlines has reaffirmed its position as a global leader in onboard catering. A few months ago Turkish Airlines has been also named as the best airline for its ‘Business Class Catering’ excellence in the Skytrax Awards, while maintaining its position as the ‘Best Airline in Europe’ for the third year running.

What is Passenger Choice Awards?

The Passenger Choice Awards were created by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) to give voice to airline passengers. The 13 categories of awards ranged from best entertainment options and inflight publication to best overall. In its fourth year, the Passenger Choice Awards are recognized as a leading way to measure industry excellence and to garner direct passenger feedback.

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