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32 million Euro investment credit from EBRD to Peyman

  • Peyman signed a credit contract of 32 million Euro with EBRD to accelerate investments in technology, agriculture base, exports and factories.
  • Tuncek Akgun, chairman of Peyman says, “This credit agreement proves the trust to our country, our industry and our company. We will become more powerful in our efforts to be a global brand from Turkey by accelerating our pace for growth.” CEO of Peyman Oguz Yukselir said, “The agreement will open a new era to Peyman and will contribute much to the national economy and our industry.”

Peyman is one of the leading companies in dried fruits and signed a 32 million Euro worth of credit with EBRD, European Bank of Regional Development.

Tuncer Akgun stated, “We have commitment responsibility to our land and our country. It proves their trust to our company to our industry and to our country, Turkey. Turkey has reach resources and great expertise in dried fruit business. And the people are so keen on differentiating among the qualities of products.”

Oguz Yukselir, “Credit of EBRD opens a new era for Peyman”

Oguz Yukselir, CEO of the company said, “Credit will become a good milestone in our growth story. We targeted high. Our growth rate in 2017 was 30 % and reached up to 560 million TL. We will expand even more and extend our presence in foreign market. Presently, we deliver the national tastes of dried fruits to more than 40 countries from America, to Russia, from Middle East to China and Australia. We aimed to reach the customers in 100 export markets in five years. We have been developing a new business model by supporting the farmers, and suppliers aiming better qualities, productivity and product volumes.”

Arvid Tuerkner, “We are happy to be a part of the growth story.”

Arvid Kuerkner, Turkey director of EBRD said, “Peyman became a globally known brand in international field by starting as a small local player. We are happy to be a part of this growth story. We appreciate the efforts of the company to contribute in the effort of farmers to improve their productivity and income.”

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