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A giant player in the olive oil sector

Mresco Turkey, which is the name of the organization in Turkey of Murabahat Investment, one of the largest groups of Kuwait, entered into the olive sector. Hence, the company began to produce olive oil with the Olivoyage brand.

The real estate giant of the Gulf is assertive in the olive oil sector as well

Mresco Turkey, operating in various sectors in Turkey, proclaimed to make significant investments in the agricultural sector. Producing olive oil with Olivoyage brand constitutes the first step towards this objective. The objectives of Mresco Turkey, under the leadership of CEO Oya Zingal, are highly ambitious for this investment.

“When Murabahat Yatırım started to search for opportunities in the agricultural sector, first I thought about olives and producing olive oil”, stated Zingal. Then, the company started to seek opportunities. Zingal, evaluating the investment scientifically, participated in some courses and training in the Tuscany valley in Italy, as one of the leading olive oil producing countries. In addition, Zingal observed the leading companies in Turkey as well as boutique producers that are operating locally. Hence, she chose Geyikli as the most suitable region in terms of environmental conditions, logistics facilities, and most importantly the quality and excellence of olives.

The company started to operate in 2016 firstly with the olive groves that it bought. Stating that the production was not fruitful for the first year since the area that was newly bought was neglected before, Zingal emphasizes that the excellence of the product and the compliments from domestic and foreign countries reveal that this investment would produce effective results.

Zingal states, “What we achieved in short time is just the beginning of our olive journey, just like in our brand – OLIVOYAGE” and emphasizes that they are targeting to establish an olive oil pressing strategy as well as a sampling facility where to taste olive oil dishes. In the following years, the company aims to make this region one of the world’s leading regions in olive and olive oil together agro-tourism facilities and an olive-farming academy. Oya Zingal is as excited about this investment as she is ambitious. She emphasizes this enthusiasm stating, “My objective is to direct all my efforts here in this region as I will end my journey of life here”.

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