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Akademi stands for chocolate gourmets

  • Participating in ISM-Cologne 2020, Akademi Gurme Chocolate Company offers Callei, Drou and Gioretto brands with utmost quality and competitive conditions. Their lovely products can be seen at Hall 2.2 stand E045.

In fact, its name suggests this taste. It is an expert in chocolate business. Established in Ikitelli, Istanbul, in 2017 the young company Akademi Gurme Chocolate company has already been building up an excellent brand owing to decades of experiences of company partners Fatih Aysu, Abbas Lal and Turhan Mumcu. The quality of Akademi Gurme chocolate and the quality of delicious products come through the experiences of these three founders, knowledge and equipment operating with zero treatment at the maximum output also by using the best quality raw materials and techniques with suitable technology.

The company recently moved its premises to Esenyurt and invested a lot to offer more and better. It leads the sector with more than 200 types of improved chocolate products such as waffle and fondue chocolate, inner cores of special chocolates, praline that is also called industrial chocolate, thermal resistant chocolates, covers, block of compound chocolate, ganache, drop (heat resistant) and part chocolates.

Attaching big importance on R&D studies, Akademi Gurme Chocolate presents its products with ever-growing product range and quality at competitive conditions.

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