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Almers enters 2015 with Mirolo brand

Almer Turkey company was established by Almer Bulgaria to manage operations in Turkey in 2014

Founded in Sofia in 2002 for international operations, Almer company opened an office in Turkey to manage business in Turkey and in the Middle East. The company entered in Turkey with Mirolo brand. General manager Meray Mutlu introduced the company and its targets in the region:

On Almer and its activities

It started in Sofia for packaging products in 2002 then food and machinery groups were added to the product line. Food line contains additives and consumer goods, while machine group has processing, filling and packaging machinery, test and laboratory equipment. Our company has customers in Bulgaria, the Balkans and in Europe.

On why it started in Bulgaria for world markets

Bulgaria is located at the heart of the Balkans and on the gate to Europe and Middle East. As the neighbor Bulgaria is also an opening, a bridge to Europe for Turkey. Almer Bulgaria has decided to open a branch in Turkey in 2014. Some of the product groups have been moved to Turkey. The branch aimed to boost activities in the Middle East via Turkey.

On productions and products of Almer

Almer Turkey now sells creams for food and for pastries, coffee creams and spray creams to more than 30 countries and were put on the tables of every folks of life in these markets. In 2014, our company combined all products under one brand to boost its position in competitive markets. Mirolo brand aims to offer the best quality at best prices to those who seek innovative tastes and dependable materials for the foods they produce.

On targets for next quarters

Mirolo branded products are to be launched in Turkish market in the first half of the year. All other products will be moved to Turkey to be sold in the Balkans and in the Middle East.

Tastes and varieties of the products offer flexibility and advantages for tastemakers. Our creams keep their forms and softness for long periods thanks to their special formulas. Special orders for different tastes, aromas and varieties are welcome. Our experienced staff are ready to help our customers and provide special training programs for them.

Besides food products Almer Turkey can supply for other customers with glass jars, bottles, aluminum taps for food packaging.

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