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Ankara Chocolate cares for taste and hygiene

As a respectful brand in the Turkish food industry, Ankara Chocolate company has been offering healthy and delicious products to the domestic and international markets. In an interview conducted by Food Turkey magazine, Mr. Halil Ölçücüer of the company gave the details of their success story.


Will you please tell us the success story of Ankara Chocolate?

It was established in 2013 as one of the 16 companies in HHY Group of Companies by Captain Food Company on a land of 28 thousand sqm in Ankara Kazan Industrial Zone. Though we are young, we have already reached serious sales figures both in the country and abroad, thanks to our technological base and expert staff.


What are your products, and their target segments in the country?

Ender, Captain and Ankara brands are sold nationally at retail chains. We are endeavoring to expand our retail coverage even more.


Quality and hygiene are important in production. Would you mention about production facilities and your quality policy?

Our production lines and laboratories are designed up to the hygienic conditions and by observing the rules of national food codex. Our policy is to offer the highest quality to our buyers. We aim to produce healthy and safe foods and tastes.

Our policy for quality covers principles including the following:

Quality is a must and we want to be leader in the region,

We encourage efforts to improve quality and services,

We update our quality management system when necessary,

We improve the abilities and experiences of staff by using our resources effectively.


Which brands of your company are exported and to which countries? What are your plans for the next period?

We have been delivering Ender, Captain and Ankara brand of products to Middle East, North Africa, eastern Europe, and Asian countries. Our young and efficient teams are active in export markets.


Are inspections and controls in the manufacturing of chocolate in Turkey sufficient? Do you think that health and hygiene are kept under control?

These issues are improving constantly. Producers and machine manufacturers are becoming more conscious on these matters.


Recently you launched a new product Nugalino in Istanbul Food Fair. How was the reaction of customers to this product?

Actually it has been introduced first to wholesalers and retailers and buyers in abroad. Consumers will have the product gradually. However, the feed-backs we got at the fair were highly encouraging. The product got top points with its taste and appearance.


Anuga is one of the most important fairs in the food industry. What do you think about this and other events?

Fairs are highly beneficial for the promotion of our country and our products in the world. For national participation of the companies in these fairs they should be given more incentives.


What is your final assessment?

Success is a game of teams. Ankara chocolate is a team composed of designers, workers, producers, sellers, and logisticians. We thank them ant to you on behalf of them all.


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