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Beypazari Natural Mineral Water; drink cool, feel comfortable!

Bottled in glass, Beypazari Natural Mineral Waters are pleasurably consumed nation wide and are exported to a big geography.

The brand is considered as a respectful and recognized one for the industry. We conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Niyazi Ercan of the company. Full text of the informative talk follows:

Could you brief us about Beypazari mineral water?

Estabished in 1957 our company has always paced extra importance on quality and healthy products. Beypazari has the highest production capacity with 300 bottle/hour in Turkey.

What about your product range?

Our only product type is mineral waters. in addition to our natural mineral water we have 100% natural fruit flavored natural waters. Currently we have six kinds such as lemon, sour cherry, cherry, C vitamin lemon and pomegranate. Our products are distributed through our dealers. We know that we are on the right path because of the confidence and preference of our consumers.

Where do you export?

Ourmain market is naturaly domestic market. You can find Beypazari Natural Mineral Waters in every province, city, town, village and hamlet We are currently exporting to 17 countries. We send our bottled products to the USA, Saudi Arabia, lraq, TRNC, Syria, etc. I beieve that we will inerease the number of our export countries. It is certainly not an easy work to penetrate new markets but I rely on the taste of our mineral water.

What technical differences do your products have? What are the main reasons the consumer prefer the m?

Beypazari Mineral Water is a drink reach of minerals and   100% natural. Our main goal for 55 years of history is not compensating on quaity.In our fruit fragmented waters, we combined 100% natural fruit aromas and our natural mineral waters. Al mineral values of natural mineral waters can be found exacty same in fruit fragmented mineral waters, too. When we make the work right, the customer satisfaction comes in. As the leader in Turkey our company has been continuing its investments in order to meet demands better, We proved our quality with the awards we won. We take pride of being selected as a reliable brand in surveys hed with consumers, Our awards include:

*  Survey of Gazi University conducted in 2009 yielded the best brand award to our company.

*  Survey conducted by Consumer Academy in 2010 resuted with an award to us for best confidence with brand.

*  Nominated for EU quality award and won it.

*  Award of the brand recommended to all consumers.

*  “Consumer Quality Summit” 2011 award.

*  2011 TTDK (Association of Protection of All Consumers) Golden Brand award.

*  2011 International “Reliabe Food Summit Quality Award.

*  2011 European Union quality award.

*  2012 TTDK (Association of Protection of All Consumers) Golden Brand award.

*  2012 “Reliable Food” award.

Do you have new investment targets?

The maxim, “the company which doesn’t renew its plants, renews its owner” has always been a motto for us. We love investing for our company and develop ourselves. We closely folow the technology reated to our business. We are always open to these developments with regards to product variety and other investments to be made for our company.

What is the current and future situation of the Turkish mineral water sector?

The beverage sector has a wide variety of portfolio no less than the eating sector. Since the major part of human body was created from water, the beverage sector is at an important position. As is the case for every thing, everybody should consume natural and healthy products. We should care for health as much as we care for tastes of drinks. When it comes to mineral waters. I believe that this market will develop and increase further in the future because the importance of mineralwater and its contribution to the health and healthy life is understood more every day. The easiest and heathiest way of regaining the minerals lost during the day is to drink healthy mineral water. Drinking mineral water has nothing to do with age, place or time. Moms who want their babies and themselves healthy, should drink mineral water during their pregnancy period to meet their daily calcium and magnesium requirement. They should get their babies to drink it so that they have healthy grow of teeth, bone and body development. If they drink during their young period they will have smooth skin in addition to meet their mineral requirements. They should get it when they are old against osteoporosis disease through the calcium to be taken from mineral waters. From this perspective, I can see that there will be a prominent place for the mineral water industry in Turkey because it is so healthy and useful and Turkey has a great potential for mineral waters.

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