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Beypiliç invests 90 million to expand capacity



One of the major companies in the poultry industry in Turkey, Beypilic expands its production facilities by doubling processing capacity. With an investment of 65 million Euros for slaughtering and 25 million Euros for egg processing the company will have an additional facility. General manager Dr. Sait Koca informed about his company and the false information about the poultry industry in Turkey.


Let’s start with the story of Beypilic. How was the beginning of your journey?

Founded in 1981 as Beyyem, then joined with Beypi Co. Inc in 2004, the company become an integrated facility having slaughtering, feed production, breeding poultry, chicken coops, etc. Having 189 partners the company provides employment for 2788 people. Products are sold under Beypilic brand that has processed, sauced and pre-cooked products in its product line.


How large are your production capacities?

In 2015 we produced 177 thousand tons of chicken meat, 2.8 thousand tons breeding beef and 5 thousand tons of chicken legs, having about 400 thousand chickens processing. The facility is able to process about 24 thousand chickens in an hour, from cutting to packaging.


What is the reason that you do not produce organic varieties?

The volume of organic chickens sold in Turkey is about our weekly production amount, less then one thousandth of total production. The same is valid in other parts of the world. Organic chicken production has a very very limited amount of demand, because costs and prices are high. Sales are highly limited. It is not possible to have physical conditions for organic production. Besides our products are all natural.


How much meat is consumed in Turkey?

Before that, I would like to mention about the rumors about the poultry industry. The information circulated in general media are not reflect the truths, so consumers have become more conscious about poultries. We are the only company having the certificate of “Best Practices in Agriculture”. Our farms and slaughter house are always open, people may visit and inspect our facilities and processes. The industry has the highest level of hygienic standards. People should not be misled by false information.

One of the indicators of being a developed country is the amount of animal productions consumed by the population. Turkey has rather low level of meat consumption, 37.5 kg. per capita in 2015. World average is 43.4 kg. Consumption in EU countries is more than double of Turkey’s. It is more than triple of Turkey’s in the USA. Muslim countries try to close the consumption gap by emphasizing on poultry products. We have to increase consumption of poultry through R&D.


How is the R&D in poultry business?

We do it in our coops. We have a special coop for R&D. We try to develop new feeds and new ways of feeding by engaging joint studies with academicians. We are about to complete a recent study that focused on the use of calcium and phosphor in feeding the chickens.


What are the developments in your investment plans?

We keep investing. We are one of the rare companies who invest their profits for growth. Even during the times of crisis we keep our investments, and we will continue to invest. This year we are beginning to produce eggs in our new facilities, having a daily production capacity of 1.5 million eggs, by investing 24 million Euros. Another one in 2017 will follow the next project. Our target is to have a share of 10 % in eggs production in Turkey.

Another project is about having a new slaughterhouse that has a capacity of 27 thousand chickens an hour. The project that will be completed in 2017 will cost us 65 million Euros.


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