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Cargill unveils new line of high-performing bakery shortenings

Cargill is introducing its Regal™ line of bakery shortenings during the International Bakery Innovation Expo (IBIE) Oct. 8-11 in Las Vegas.

The Regal portfolio includes new high-performing shortenings as well as optimized performance in its non-palm shortenings. “We have been providing shortenings to the bakery industry for a long time,” said Janet Bones, R&D Vice President for Cargill Global Edible Oil Solutions. “However, we took a hard look at our portfolio and saw opportunities to better meet the needs of our bakery customers. These five products represent the beginning of our journey, as we have additional innovative offerings in our pipeline.”
The Regal bakery shortenings include:

Regal™ Icing Shortening NH: This is a nonhydrogenated icing shortening that creates brilliant white icings without any whitening additives and that holds up in the most intricately decorated cakes. A patent is pending for the technology behind this product.

Regal™ Donut Fry Shortening: This product was specially formulated for operations serving fresh donuts. It is a reduced palm shortening that provides great flavor and enables a faster set time over standard palm shortenings.

Regal™ Puff Pastry Shortening: This shortening delivers the lamination and lift performance of margarine in puff pastry applications, but since it’s 100 percent fat, it may translate into a 20 percent cost savings per unit of finished product over margarine.

Regal™ Cake & Icing Shortening: This non-palm icing shortening also performs well in cakes, making it very functional for smaller bakery operations, and is 20 percent lower in saturated fats compared to palm shortenings.*

Regal™ All-Purpose Shortening: A dependable, all-around performance shortening provides a broad working range, exceptional plasticity, excellent creaming properties and is 20 percent lower in saturated fats compared to palm shortenings.*

In addition to its portfolio of bakery products, partnering with Cargill provides access to proprietary market insights, risk management solutions and industry-leading R&D and bakery applications expertise. At Cargill’s Minneapolis-based Innovation Center, which houses a state-of-the-art bakery lab and pilot facilities, customers can work side-by-side with these experts to create, develop and customize solutions to meet taste, functionality and labeling criteria.

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