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Turkish Sea food Promotion Committee

Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee was established upon the request from the sector in the leadership of the Ministry of Economics in 2008 and consists of members with the participation of the directors from the Board of Directors of the Aegean, Istanbul and Mediterranean Seafood and Animal Products Exporters’ Association. The Committee ...

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Turkish fruit juice and concentrates

The annual fresh fruit production in Turkey is more than 18 million tons, which accounts for an important part of world production. The fruit juice and concentrate industry has become one of the progressive agroindustry sectors in Turkey. This export-oriented industry has flourished rapidly due to the modern production units, ...

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Turkish food in dustry, a world supplier

With its young and growing population, food and beverage consumption and production are both in creasing in Turkey. Due to the climatic and ecological conditions that are naturally granted, Turkey has the means to dominate world trade in many traditional agricultural products. Together with hazelnuts, sultanas, dried apricots and dried figs ...

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Turkish black tea, a healthy drink

Tea, the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, is known as a reaxing, pleasing drink. It has also gained importance as a nutritional substance because it contains flavonoids, caffeine, many elements and major vitamins. Tea is high in flavonoids. Black tea contains two types offlavonoid caled “the ...

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