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Caykur earns gold and silver medals

Having a wide range of product and packaging variety, Caykur’s“Didi” brand ice-tea was awarded by Monde Selections with two gold and one silver medals.

Headquartered in Brussels, international quality institute Monde Selections, recently released it ratings in a meeting held in Lizbon. Didi, a brand of Caykur, was found successful on its quality, taste, hygiene and aromatic properties in line with its Hemsin Organic and Altinbas black tea products. Chairman of board and general manager of Caykur, Imdat Sutluoglu represented his company in the meeting and got the medals from Patrick de Halleux, president of the international quality institute. Didi Bergamot and Didi Peach got gold and Didi Lemon got silver plates. In this year edition, 3,160 products in eight categories coming from 82 countries were inspected and analyzed. Caykur’s ice-tea Didi chosen as the top tea for 2015. While expressing his emotions and appreciations, Imdat Sutluoglu said, “We engaged serious activities to build our brand, aiming to become a world brand with all our teams. We have carried out our efforts on scientific bases and in many respects by taking customer choices into account.

Today we got the fruits of our results as three medals in this event, held here in this historical place in Lisbon. Didi got its first award in three year’s time. It is a great success for us and for our country. Our success depends on both human factors and our investments in technology. The filling and packaging factory that is been built has the highest level of automotion and capacity, the up-to-date technology and it is the most ecological and smart production facility in its field. We aimed to make our brand as one of the leading ones in international markets by competing with its giant rivals. We have to work harder than before. It is also a matter for national economy.

Turkish tea is farmed in northern climatic regions of our country. Since the plants are covered by snow in winter, it contains no insects thus no pesticides are used in the process, and they are the most healthier tea in the world. In almost all other countries who raised tea, use health hazardous pesticides. Our tea is produced up to organic farming procedures. Our efforts are going on to obtain full certificates for being fully organic. We are expanding the land allotted to organic farming. No  additives are used in the production of tea in our facilities. Our tea are preferred by consumers on its tastes and aromas. Production is carried out on automatic machinery without any human interference. These are so important for the health of consumers.” In his speech, Patrick de Halleux, president of Monde Selections said, “Since 1961 we have been evaluating hundreds of brands and presenting them to the international buyers. We are proud of presenting products coming from 82 countries.” A jury composed of pharmacists, chemists, gourmets and designers decided on the top products that were given variety of awards in their categories.

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