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How to Cook Love for The Client at Your Kitchen?

Improvement of service quality is the increase in the level of sales. In the restaurant business this rule is relevant like nowhere else. The current consumer is totally glutted with the marketing moves and high quality cuisine. Today quite recent effective compliment by the organization is perceived as something for granted and a matter of course. To stand out among the other restaurants and to become the organization where the customers come back again and again is possible and should be done. The customer may be tipped the scales when choosing a specific restaurant with a special private atmosphere of the organization created by the service personnel. And a high quality service is the ultimate prerequisite for the successful development of business and the main competitive advantage. Service is the most effective weapon in the competition.


You can go two ways: to use anyone else’s experience and introduce the newest theoretical development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), as well as you can start from the expectations and needs of the customers of the restaurant. In turn, one of the most efficient and effective ways to obtain feedback at present there is the audit of services through the visits by “mystery shoppers”. You will have the mirror in your hands, which will be a real reflection of your service. This method as a tool to enhance the restaurant business by improving the service we will cover in this article.


Mystery Shopping method, as a tool for the study of the service level and quality improvement in the HoReCa sector is far from being new and not rare. In Eastern Europe, the managers of the restaurant business began to apply it after their Western colleagues followed it about ten years ago. In Turkey, this program becomes every year more and more popular among the progressive and modern managers. The main advantage of the method is the demonstration with the figures of the real situation in the restaurant, as well as the feedback from visitors expressed in the measurable indicators according to specified criteria. Mystery shopper is a visitor from among the ordinary client, consumer, who in real life visits these places that he evaluates. He provides the objective information that he is not interested in the overestimation or underestimation of the assessments because his salary is not affected by this.


To check and mainly to evaluate the work of the restaurant with the Mystery Shopping method is possible only when the management developed and implemented the uniform service standards. After the absolute fulfilment of these standards the period of new standards development must be followed, which will help to build the positive service of the restaurant from the competitor service. The method can be applied in all categories of restaurants varying only by the set standards.

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