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Drink Aroma, be healthy and happy!

AROMA Bursa Fruit Juices and Food Industry Inc., was established in 1968 in Gursu district of  Bursa in Turkey on an area of 75.000 m2.

In 1991, the company was, which had been set up by a group of partners, taken over by the Duruk Group, after gaining a majority interest in it. With the onset of the investments that were started in the year 1991, the amount of fruits processed was increased from 20,000 tons to 125,000 tons. Thus, Aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice manufacturing and filling facilities in the country,

Today AROMA Bursa Fruit Juices and Foodstuff Industry Inc., produces fruit juices, nectars, carbonated drinks and bottes natural spring water. Besides, Bursa facility is integrated with semi-finished (concentrated fruit and fruit mash) processing lines. Frurts and vegetables processed on semi-finished product lines are apple, peach, apricot, sour cherry, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, cornelian cherry, rosehip, pear, carrot, tomato, black canrat. Facility has a daily processing capacity of 750 tons of apple, 400 tons of sour cherry, 400 tons of peach or apricot . For peach and apricot qualified as pulp products, they also could be filled and mash into packages with different volumes aseptically, Aseptic mash tanking unit has a capacity of 3.120 tons and there are 66 pieces of tanks with the capacity of 30 tons and 57 pieces with the capacity of 20 tons. Besides, there is a full automation cooled tanking unit of 4500 tons avaiable.

The lines that factory produces finished products on are lOOOcc gass bottle filling line, 200 cc glass bottle filling line, 200 cc fızzy bottle filing line. These lines fiil 120,000 liters of lOOOcc gass, 72,000 liters of 200 cc gass, 35.000 liters of 200 cc fizzy glass daiy and 450.000 liters of cardboard box fiing can be accompished, At the unit on which cardboard box filing is performed, there are 3 pieces of fiing machines availabe, Out of these filing machines; 1 piece for lOOOm  base -sim, 2 pieces for 200ml basesim production. The Company has made important contributions to the fruit juice market with its innovations since it was estabished. The mixed fruit nectar with 9 multivitamins, 100% fruit juices that are sweetened by apple juice are the innovative products which were produced and introduced to the market by. Aroma for the first time. Aroma has a wide range of finished products including 100% apple juice, 100% pomegranate-apple juice, 100% grape juice, 100% peach-apple juice, 100% apricot-apple juice, 100% sour cherry-apple juice, 100% tomato juice; Sour cherry nectar, mixed fruit nectar (with multivitamins), peach nectar, apricot nectar, mixed fruit nectar, orange nectar and Fruit Drinks as well as carbonated drinks, Aroma, has established its presence in the water market since the year 2004 with Aroma Omer Duruk Natural Spring Water Brand. AROMA Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water Facility was built in the year 2004 on an area of 50,000 m_ occupying a covered area of 10.000 m_. The natural spring water is obtained from a spring that is on Uludag Mountain located at a height of 2020 meters. The fılling of water at this facility is carried out in compliance with the international standards under completely hygienic conditions by using fully automated machinery. Aroma Omer Duruk Natural Spring Water has high mineral content and low rate of sodium and as such it is a natural spring water that is tasty and easy on the taste buds. Aroma is targeting to become a world name, has also increased its volume of exports in the passing years, The following are among the countries that Aroma exports to: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, the USA, Australia, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, China, Georgia, Bulgaria, Malta, Canada, Mongolia and Cote d’lvoire, Jordan, Libya, Benin, Turkmenistan, Ghana, Kenya Burkina Faso, lraq, Israel, Mexico, Italy, Dubai and East Turkestan,

Aroma, with its unchanging policy of quality from past to present, and healthy, trusted, delicious products, and its traditional yet innovative approach, continues to provide services in the country and abroad as a firm that continues to grow and develop from day to day.

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