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EATITALY redefines taste with its “better than the best” products from south Italy

Eatitaly can only be described as the essence of real Italian taste. In fact, it cannot be described. It should be tasted to understand what it really is. 

The brand obtains very limited amount of vegetables from the family farm and makes special production at limited quantity. If you ever try the products of the company you will understand what it is about. The products are jams, tomato sauces, olive, in olive oil products (such as pepper filet, Calabria eggplant filet, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, crushed olives, vegetable appetizers, etc.), sauces and cream, spice and dried products. “Eatitaly was born from the memories of the astonishing flavors of the southern Italy’s cuisine, as they were homemade by our grandmothers to ensure a supply of this delicious great food all year long keeping them wisely in the most refined olive oil,” says the chairman of Eatitaly. “In offering our products we went to dig in our deepest memories, those inimitable flavors to bring them on your table day after day all year long. Our brand is your guarantee to have only the best of Italian products in the purest and finest tradition of authenticity and freshness.” Pointing out that they offer authenticity and freshness of freshly picked products, the spokesman of the company said that those who enjoy their products would try to do it always. He outlined in detail: “Those words are not for advertising that’s exactly what we were looking for to offer to our customer and who we are. First for ourselves because we’re passionate about those special flavors from our native land and then for our friends and customers. We want them to discover what “refine and tasty” means in terms of flavors from South Italy. “So not only our products are chosen only amongst the best quality but also the factory chosen are ONLY “family farm”. Working with small quantities of their own products. So our price is made of not only the highest quality products that we are offering but also of the limited quantities we can offer to our clients. We have no industrial production. “Sure you can go on and compare our prices with other Italian products but it won’t do because it’s not possible to compare prices without comparing quality. We can provide you with olive oil around 3 €/lt. But it is not the kind of merchandise we want to sell. That’s not something we would use in our kitchen hence we could never sell this to our customers. Like I said, Eatitaly is only the best of the best products from south Italy.

“Our clients in Switzerland aware of those difference have two ranges of products. The normal ones, where the best prices are important and the best price wins. The second range is ‘high quality products’, where the price its minor interest and the best quality wins. Like I said our production is limited but our quality has no limit. That’s why price shouldn’t be an issue. If you have an interest for such products, obviously we’ll be delighted to send you some samples. We sell a brand not only a product.”

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