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Estuz sets 2015 as the year of progress!

Estuz is among the biggest salt producers of Turkey with a total monthly production capacity of 12 thousand tons and sets the year 2015 as the year of progress.

The company closed the year 2014 as a successful one with investments and 20 percent growth and is getting prepared to launch several new investments in 2015. Estuz has nearly completed the preparations for the new brand they will launch and will also increase the capacity of their factories in İzmir. Estuz Board Chairman Vedat Özdemir said, “2015 will be the year of progress of Estuz”, and provided the following information related to their investments this year: “We will soon take our place in the retail industry with a new brand. We will increase our market share in retail with our natural, healthy and gourmet product range. We will also implement a capacity investment in our sea salt production facility located in Çiğli, İzmir, which currently produces 5 thousand tons monthly. Our investments will continue both in domestic and at abroad. We will add new countries to our expert range. We are aiming to realize an export figure of around 4 million dollars by exporting products to more than 20 countries. We will become stronger in the international market with rich product groups and package variety we will create in the coming period. Our efforts related to Turquality will also continue.” Vedat Özdemir emphasizes that they are a sensitive company about salt consumption and they give messages to the consumers related to balanced salt consumption, and tells that they particularly pointed out this matter and implemented several social responsibility projects last year. Stating that Balance of Life Photo Contest was one of these projects, Özdemir said, “Excessive salt consumption is harmful, but not consuming salt is also harmful. We therefore said ‘Balance of life is provided with balanced consumption of salt’ and assumed it as a mission to endeavor for conscious salt consumption with ‘Balance of Life’. In short, we tell ‘Have your tastes balanced, and your meals delicious’ to our consumers.” Founded by Bahattin Özdemir in Eskişehir, Estuz operates in the industry for 33 years. Özdemir states that they produce products for industry and retail industry, and highlights that their company closely follows the technology and carries out productions with state-of-art technology in their factories. Related to the facilities and production capacities, Vedat Özdemir provided the following information: “As of today, we are operating in three separate regions with three separate facilities. The facility in Eskişehir has a monthly production capacity of 1.500 tons, while the facility in Çiğli has a monthly production capacity of 5 thousand tons. The facility in Dazkırı has a monthly capacity of 3.000 tons of refined salt, and 2.500 tons of dried salt. In addition to the needs of textile and chemical industries, we are supplying salt to the select food companies. We are serving to the retail industry with refined product varieties since 2010. Although we are a new actor in retail, we are continuously increasing our market share. We will become stronger in the retail industry with our new brand to take place in the market soon.”

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