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Which Factor Makes The Turkish Restaurant Clients Happy?

International research company 4Service Group, which is specialised in customer service, conducted a research about the impressions of people in Turkey during their restaurant visits and attitudes of them while choosing a restaurant, through an online questionnaire via using Mystery Shopping method. 238 people who participated in the survey, stated which factors influenced their preference the most and by which factors they were satisfied with. 55 % of the participants were male and 45 % were female, the majority of them were between the ages of 26 – 40 (67 %) and the income level of the 72 % of the participants was moderate.


As a result of research conducted this year in the restaurant sector; Burger King, Dominos Pizza and McDonalds were the most popular brands. 60 % of the surveyed people prefer to go to these places a few times a week and most of them visit international brands; but a few in the minority prefer local brands such as Bay Döner, Bursa Kebap and Köfteci Ramiz. In the survey, a few more important points were underlined: customers’ the first preference reason for the brands that they visit, was the tasty food or drink. Prices and atmosphere were the next two factors. In other wordscompanies should not only focus on the product quality, but also the atmosphere created by the firm (music, cleanliness, custom design, design of the tables …) and the prices have to attract customers. Apart from these three main factors; the speed of service, quality of the service and discounts or promotions offered by the company are also important. If the service was not fast, and no discounts or promotions were found; it means that the customer expectations has not been met. Therefore, it would be beneficial for companies to pay attention to the other factors at least at the basic level.

Due to the competitive nature of the food industry, companies are seeking new ideas for customer service to improve their financial results. According to the research result; 72 % of the customers are ready to spend 10 % more money if the staff serves at high quality. köfte

The needed thing for the companies to be in good relationship with their customers; is a qualified service and realising of this takes a great deal of labor and time. But only one mistake can make the determined strategy fail from delivering the desired end result. When it is asked to customers, what will disturb you and what will make you to not go to that place again; the ineffectiveness of the staff, the lack of tasty food and drinks were the first two reasons.Quality service; makes the customers happy, improves the company’s competitive advantage and revenue. If companies offer excellent customer service and make it continuous; all the customers will be ready to pay more for it, become more loyal and will recommend it to their friends or relatives. Thus, companies will improve their income and brand image.

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