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Fruit Drops, natural, tasty and healthy fruit juices and nectars…

Fmit Drops is a prestigious Turkısh company operating in the fruit juice sector.

It has a wide variety of quality juices. The main concern of Fruit Drops is human health when it is building up its brand image. We made an interview with Mr. Mehmet Yildiz about their success story.

Is there a possibility of using carcinogenîc additives în the  production of fruit juices? Where does Fruit Drops stand when the technologic, health and quality level of the sector is considered?

Since the products of Fruit Drops don’t include any sweetening, coloring or thickener additives, it offers healthy products to its customers. Our company has always been very strict at this regard especially to protect the children  from unhealthy products.

Could you înform us about the product variety and market position of Fruit Drops?

We can product fruit juices from all fruit types grown industrially in Turkey and tropical ones widely known in the World. We have 14 varieties of product in one liter tetra pack and 9 varieties in 200 ml tetra pack.

Unfortunately, we are not in the position we want to be but we have a major target to spread o ut nationwide soon. Our one-liter products include peach nectar 50%, apricot nectar-40%, sour cherry nectar 35%, orange juice 100%, apple juice 100%, mixed fruit nectar, grape juice 100%  pomegranate nectar 25%, mango nectar, pomegranate/quince juice 100%, pomegranate/canrot juice 100%, pomegranate/fig juice 100%, pomegranate/cherry juice 100%, and tomato juice 100%.

The 0.25 L products include peach nectar 50%, apricot nectar 40% sour cherry nectar 35%, orange nectar 50%, apple juice 100%, mango nectar 25%, mixed fruit juice nectar 50%, grape juice 100% and pomegranate juice 100%.

What would you suggest us, the fruit juice consumers? What should we be careful about?

First of all, the consumer should prefer the products which are produced from real fruits. They should be careful about the high percentage of the fruit in the juice. The product has to bear production permission document on its package. They should not contain any inhibited additives, coloring agerits and other artificial materials.

How should the preferences be in the consuming of fruit juice and aromatic drinks? Are there dîsadvantages of aromatic drinks compared to fruit juices?

Aromatic drinks contain many artificial additives such as coloring, sweetening, thickening agents, etc. but fruit juices and fruit nectars never contain such artificial agents. Fruit shoud aways be the first choice of course.


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