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Great plant for olive oil in Gömeç


 The story of Guven Asa natural press olive oil started with a factory founded in Pelit, Balikesir four years ago. Turgut Gencal, chairman of the company, informed about the investment of 15 million while he expressed his love for olive trees.


First, we want to hear about your story.

We have always been interested in olive trees. A friend of mine invited us to visit his olive tree farm in Gömeç, Karaagac and Pelit villages. We bought a land of 300 acres. Then we founded the factory in Pelit, and learned about the delicate business of olives. If you do not care enough about several issues, you could not get quality products. We bought special cases to pick the olives and started to press them to obtain oil. We worked four years in this plant. Buyers were happy with the quality of our product. Then we moved our operations to our new factory in Gömeç, that cost us 15 million lira. Now we produce the healthiest, the most hygienic oils in this modern facility.


How is quality oil produced?

First of all you have to pick olives not in bags but in cases to prevent the loss of quality. The cases should be punched to keep olives fresh and to prevent damaging of olive fruits. You can now obtain quality oil.


Okey, what is the importance of washing olives beforehand?

The machinery and the water used in the process should be clean and safe to drink. We have a separate facility for drinkable water. Washing system in our factory is the most up-to-date and very special. Our machine washes olives twice, in contrast to other producers. Though it makes oil colored, leaves should be separated from fruits before pressing them, because it cause decay of the olives. Unwanted particles such as stones, woods, earth are washed at the first machine, then they are pressed.


Would you mention about the facility you made for clean water?

In the facility water is softened by special process and supply us 10 tons of clean water in an hour. This adds the value of our products and our factory. We have a storage here, to keep every materials clean and hygienic.


Would you inform us about the automated bottling facility?

In this facility oil is filled into the glass bottles or tin tanks without under controlled environment. The labels are pasted and pressed nitrogen in them to keep oil safe for a long time. Then they are delivered to packing.

Floor of the production section is made of porcelain, thus it prevents any microbes. Insulated in the bottom, the floor is air conditioned at 17 degrees. We observe all rules of international rules. We got 5 international awards.


The settling of the oil is also important. What do you do for the purpose?

After pressed olive oil is sent 6 meter below the floor to be settled for a while. It is an historical fact that when settled in deep pools, oil becomes more durable. Our ideal is to produce the top quality and to deliver them healthily to the people. Our tanks are also certified and made of quality chrome-steel material. Quality of the olive oil can be maintained up to 5 years when every measure were taken.


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