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Helvaci Seyidoglu İnvests 10 Million to İnstall New Factory

Seyidoglu Food, the leading company of halva and jam sector, installs a new production facility in İstanbul, Hadimkoy Organized Industrial Zone. Seyidoğlu Helva Jam needs additional capacity to increase its export share and product varieties to 350, will provide employment for 150 people. Seyidoglu Food General Manager Mehmet Göksu, who explained that construction of a new facility starts in April, “We have a steady growth rate of 20 percent on average every year. We export to 30 countries and produce about 20 thousand tons of products annually. The capacity of 8 thousand square meters of closed space is not enough for us. We decided to set up a new facility with 7,000 square meters and add up new product varieties in food sector. At the same time, we will increase our employment to 750 by opening 150 new positions. With this investment, we will reach an annual production of 35 thousand tons. We aim to raise our sales from 110 million TL in 2016, to 120 million TL at the end of the year. “


The new factory to produce pekmez and patisseries

 General Manager Mehmet Göksu stated that they have 350 kinds of products such as tahin, molasses, milky and syrup desserts, bakery products, pastry varieties besides jam, and said, “Our company has started with halva and jam production. We continue to invest to produce more variety using our quality fruit supply chain, which has been established in many years. There has been a lot of interest in pekmez recently. We’re going to have more molasses type of products from 4 to 10. At the new facility we will produce molasses, pastry and new dessert varieties with latest technology robots. We are continuing our commercial and promotional campaign with the slogan ‘Useful Dessert’ in order to sell more of the traditional Ottoman flavors in line with new products. We decided to emphasize on products that are free from fructose and glucose syrup.”

Sultanbaci Brand for retail

Göksu said, “We are currently in the process of refurbishment in our current 15 stores. We decided to use the Sultanbaci brand, in retail. We have the goal of becoming a store in the name of Sultanbaci in Turkey.”

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