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Ilke promotes chestnut sweet ‘Cardelion’ in the world

One of the rare sweets from Turkey candied chestnut has become a new item in exports.

Deniz Utku Ozdemir, trade manager of Ilka sekerleme introduced their plans to promote the taste in abroad.

On the company and Cardelion brand

Our firm Ilka Sekerleme was established in Bursa to produce chestnut candies sold under Cardelion brand. By making the product on simple and traditional methods, the company established a growing distribution network in the country by 2007 when a larger plant was built in Yaylacık village in Bursa.

On facility and its capacity

Following the modernization and new investments in the factory a quality certificate was secured, the first for chestnut production. Having 4 thousand sqm closed area products are stored in cold storage warehouse of 800 tons. I 2014 540 tons of chestnut was processed. Production of both chestnut and chestnut candies is on the rise.

Turkey is one of the biggest producers of chestnut in the world. Only small portion of these produce are processed as candies, value added form of the product. Sales volume of chestnut candies in abroad has been very limited. It is sold in special shops and consumed year long in Turkey, however it is demanded only in certain occasions in France that is known as Maron Galce and is consumed in winter months. Italy is the only country that has technologies to process chestnuts. France controls the global market for chestnuts. Our company aimed to promote Turkish made chestnuts in the world. The Sial, a famous food fair held in France, has been a good opportunity where French president François Holland was hosted together with other business people, students, politicians and news-people. They tasted the chestnuts of our company.

On activities in domestic market

Number of Kardelen stores increased in 2014 by investing in retail channels that owned by our company. Besides we have developed additional packages and products that were all aimed to facilitate the choice and buying processes of consumers. The rising amount of exports of chestnuts has caused high prices and prices were paired on foreign currency rates.

On plans for 2015

2105 may be harder than the conditions of the previous year. Currency rates may cause serious problems for exporters especially to Europe. We will participate in new fairs to find additional markets for our exports. Problems in the Arab countries may limit our performance. We will take place for the first time in ISM candy fair that is to be held 1 to 4 February 2015 and to Gulfood, Dubai, in 8 to 12 February.

Kardelen is also a national brand that should be promoted even in Bursa and in Turkey. Our company tries to improve the share and position of this symbolic product in the country. We are going to increase our penetration especially in Black Sea region by establishing regional distributorships from 13 to 19. We plan to open new stores in greater cities to sell our quality products.

On export markets for Cardelion brand

World markets are becoming global markets having similar lifestyles of the people. With this understanding our company decided to open up in European markets. We aimed to promote it abroad. Our exports began to rise gradually. By now we exported our products to more than 30 countries. Cardelion is our new brand for export markets. It addresses a wide range of export countries by its name, identity, presentation and tastes.

Our brand covers also a wide range of differentiated products that addresses special needs, desires and demands. We are ready for successes with our brand.

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