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Kervan offers the most natural dairy products

Pointing out that natural markets and others are located on same market sheves, Ali Ihsan Sabit, General Manager of Kervan Food Company wamed the consumers about this fart and said that Kervan has been maintaining its ine of producing by natura techniques.

Following is the interview we have recently made with Mr, Sabit on the success story of Kervan:

Can you brief us about Kervan Milk and Dairy Products Company? What are the products you are operating on?

Kervan is a company producing natural products for over 40 years. We have been producing quality, hygienic, heathy and reliable products in our factory started service in Sakarya since 2007. It has not been an easy task to realize the quality and the confidence with our brand and to make it sustainable.

To realize this, we have been following up the latest technology and pacing importance on R & D. We never use preserving agents (food additives and stuffing materials, dyeing agents and preserving materials) in our products. Al of our products are made from 100% mik Besides, we produce our main item kashar cheese (sheep cheese) with wet boiling (natural technique). We are a supplier of Migros, one of the most spread out market chains of Turkey for over 25 years, We produce the fresh kashar cheese of Migros. We are a milk establishment. Naturally, we are producing dairy products such as kashar, string cheese, Circassia cheese, white cheese, in addition to natural products such as yoghurt, ayran, butter, etc. which are all non-additive.

What are you doing to widen your product range? Could you be specific on the works at your R & D department?

We are trying to widen our product range in local products. As is known, many panies have tended to produce the kashar cheese by dry boiling technique, is, melted cheese, for it is more economical. We don’t use this technique because of the chemical melting salt which is needed for these type of products. We are very strict about not using dry boiling technique for our commitment to natural techniques.

How do you evaluate the level of the Turkîsh milk and dairy products sector? What are the needs and problems?

There has been atremendous increase in the dairy products range especially with the usage of food additives. The natural products and others share the same sheves. I believe that these two must be separated and the consumers shoud be informed well and strict controls have to be done. Since the production costs are increasing constanty, many of the producers tend to decrease the costs by using dry boiling system. AH of us notably Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and other reated institutions have responsibilrties to train producers and inform consumers about the facts and realities at this regard. The consumers should prefer natural products for their hearth and for the favor of the companies which prefer producing natural and hearthy products.

What future plans does Kervan brand have?

Our main concern for the future is not to change our quality and natural production line and reach a wider consumer portfolio.

What about your capacity and produetion plants?

We are produce 5 tons of fresh kashar from 110 tons of milk daily, 2 tons of string cheese, 3 tons of yoghurt at our plant located on 7 thousand square meter covered and 25 thousand open area. We produce 3.5 tons of white cheese daily in our Biga factory.

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