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Keskinoğlu caring for your health and palate taste!

Producing chicken meat, eggs, olive oil products, egg trays, pullet and breeding products, medical products, fertilizer organica and organic products, Keskinoğlu aims at establishing, developing and sustaining long-term positive relationships with its customers, suppliers, staff and all other stakeholders. To this end, the company makes every effort to offer the healthiest, most consistent product offerings to its customers allied to a superior service provision. Keskin Keskinoğlu, Marketing Group Chairman of the company informed about their activities:


As Keskinoglu, would you please evaluate the year 2015 in terms of exports? Will the poultry sector or your firm reach its targeted volume of exports?

Unfortunately it seems that we cannot be able to reach our targets set for 2015 in the poultry industry. Exports were hurt by the recent birds flu outbreak. We, as Keskinoglu hope to maintain 2014’s figure in exports this year.


Which products have the larger share in sales, whole chickens or processed-shredded chickens? And why?

Uncooked whole chickens, thigh, hip, flank and breast have larger part of the market. However the share of deli group and ready-to-serve products are rising recently. Five years ago they were accounted about 10 %, now it went over 15 percent. The trend is almost the same in both domestic and export markets. The basic reason is that they are more practical to serve than uncooked items. Besides, the need and opportunity to differentiate the basic products by preparing them on different recipes, such as nugget, schnitzel, etc. By getting their views on our products from about 1000 consumers, we adjust the tastes and specifications of our products to develop the best product. For example, we have changed the detailed recipe of Kadinbudu dumplings, the classic food of my childhood, for 5 to 6 times. Each country has its own taste and we offer special products to each of them.


Do you have new investments?

We remarkably expanded our capacity during the last five years. We target to use it 100 percent. So, we have no short-term investment needs and plans.


What should be done to increase poultry products export in the industry?

We are one of he leading brands that have the most active strategy in exports, and are able to export to 75 countries. The industry should have to focus on new and high potential markets instead of the markets they have already in. Each and every company has to stand powerfully in the foreign markets. For example, Keskinoglu is the first and only company that exports chicken products, (cooked items) to Singapore. We stride about four years to get the results. We aim to be global market representing Turkey in the world; so, we put Turkish national flag on our packages. The more alternative markets is the more we become successful. Recent policies of government and incentives provided have been highly effective. Presently, we ranked as the third largest exporter of eggs and seventh rank in chicken products in the world. In the future, Turkey can easily improve its position in the world.

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