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Kizikli Gida keeps on growing with new products

The company continues to grow with its new brands Netto, Neffis, Laida and Happy in the fruit juice and milk sector offering products in ditferent price groups .

Kizikli Group entered the plastic pipe sector after founding Akin Plastic Pipe Ind. Inc. in 1977. Having founded Akprofil   Inc. in 1990, the group started manufacturing PVC Door and Window Profile. Kizikli Group incorporated Kizikli Gida A,S. (Kizikli Food Inc.) in 2003 and took its place in the food sector with 100 percent fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit flavored drink mik and dairy products.

Kizikli Group exports to 35 countries from its affiliates in different sectors.

Kizikli Gida Inc.

* Production facilities reside in Nigde close to Mersin Harbor, having the highest potential of apple in Turkey. world class machines and equipments are used in production process, which is realized under computer control in accordance with hygiene and sanitation, Thanks to the technology used converting the fresh purchased high quality fruits to half-product, the fruits lose almost nothing from their color, smell, aroma and homogeneity.

Kizikli Gida, having the only full automated system, in its integrated facility succeeds in collecting the fruit from tree without it losing features and putting into boxes. With this privilege, it guarantees the same quality all the time and with the advantage of being integrated, it can offer competitive prices.

* Kizikli Gida;
– Netto
– Neffis
– Laida
– Happy brands are active in % 100 fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit-flavored drink, milk and milk product markets. It satisfies the demands of every price group with the different from one another, energetic and cheerful brand designs.

* In Tetrapak carton packaging -1 lt. , 1/5 lt, glass bottle -1 lt, 1/4 lt, PET -2 lt,1 lt., 1/3 lt. package options are available for production. Kizikli Gida attracts attention with its different packaging designs. Kizikli Gida received the “Altin Ambalaj – Golden Package” award for “konik cam sise -conical glass bottle” design that is special for Netto.

* Company has the widest product range in Turkey in beverage industry;

With Netto Brand Netto Premium in 100% Fruit Juice group: 100% Orange, 100% Apple, 100% Pomegranate, 100% Concorde Grapes; 100% White Grapes, IOO% Tomato; 100% Mixed Fruit Juice have the options of carton packaging and glass bottle. It is the first brand to produce 100% Pomegranate Juice in Turkey.

In Netto Fruit Nectar Group offers Orange, Mango, Pear, Mixed Fruit: Pomegranate, 8 Red Mixed, Cherry, Apricot, Peach, Pineapple drink options. Mango, Pomegranate and Pear Juices are the popular products in export for both their tastes and qualities. Netto Nectar Series, have the options of glass bottle and carton packaging.

Netto Milk : UHT full fat and semi-skimmed high quality milk in 1 lt. carton packaging.

Neffis Fruit Nectar : Neffis Fruit Nectar Series consist of Mango writh carton packaging option, Orange, Pineapple, Cherry, Pear, Peach, Mixed Fruit Types and 100% Appe Juice.

– Netto Lemoade: Lemonade fit for your traditional taste offered in glass bottle (1000 ml. and 250 ml.) and in PET (1000 ml. and 330 ml.)

– Neffis Milk :UHT semi-skimmed milk is popular in the market with competitive price.

– Neffis Cheddar Cheese: Took its place in elaborate tables with 500 gr. and 1000 gr. package options.

– Neffis Sauces: Neffis lemon sauce and pomegranate syrup sauce are consumed favorably in the packager options of 250 ml. – 500 ml. and 1000 ml.

– Happy: Kizikli Group’s Frufty Drink brand Happy, takes attention for its cheerful and energetic design. Mango, Tropical Mix, Orange, Cherry, Peach options are sold in carton packaging (200 ml,)

– Laida: Brand for fruit-fiavored drink. It has the options of Cherry, Pea, Peach in has the options of Cherry, Pea, Peach in carton packaging.

 In Concentrated Drink Group: As an integrated facility, Kizikli Gida sells Peach, Cherry, Pea, Apple semi products at the same time.

* Having such a wide range of brands and products Kizikli Gida, thanks to its high capacity of production it can satisfy the demands. Having the production capacity of carton packaging (200 ml. and 1000 ml.) 320.000 lt. per day, of glass bottle 140.000 lt per day, the company can also satisfy the foreign and domestic Private Label demands. Kizikli Gida, with the drive-in shelf storage system which is the first one in Turkey, stores all the products ready to be consumed, in a cosed area of total 11.500 meter square, with the cold room having. 800 tons of capacity it stores a the semi products.

* Kizikli Gida products have HACCP Food Safety System Certification (DNV) and ISO 9001:2000 Cjuallty Management Certification. Moreover, foods being exported to the USA provide the FDA standards.

Kizikli Gida, having various brand afternatives, satisfies the demands from all price groups, with its wide range of products it can offer any type of product that is popular in the world, with its quality and taste the customers look for it.

Besides, taking advantage of its location close to Mersin Harbor, it exports to 35 countries;

USA, Canada, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Kosovo, Greece, Malta, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Uganda, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritius, Yemen, Jordan, lraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Seychelles, Australla, TRNC, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan and Mongolia.

Kizikli Gida, with its never ending energy, innovative vision, ongoing technologic investments and its products quality always getting better and better keeps on growing in the beverage industry.

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