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Komgida Inc., a reliable flour, pulse, semolina and macaroni producer

Komgida A.S. Food City Project, which is the most striking one between the biggest integrated projects around Turkey and the world, is a proud monument rising on Turkey’s granary, bosom of the Konya plain with the common efforts of Anatolian people.

Komgida is a giant organization with approximately,500,000 m2 open area, 440,000 m2 indoor area and 150,000,000 USD investment in Kazimkarabekir, county of Karaman province.

Facilities started to production with in a very short time period after the date of laying the foundation on 10th February 1997 with wheat flour, pulses, semolina and macaroni factories. Produced agricultura products in the region, in the country and all over the world are processed in Food City and shipped to a over the world under appropriate conditions by taking into account human heafth and taste preferences as different food products.

According to Mrs. Ozlem Tuylek of the company, all steps in production are controlled by the latest technology from the raw material input to the end of production. “In the entrance gate, grains brought by the manufacturers are sampled, analyzed by robots and appropriate grains are sent to appropriate silos. All operations about these raw materials are controlled by PLC system from processing to delivering to the consumer,” explained Tuylek .


Daily production capacity is 250 tons. Twelve different types of production exist under Computer Controlled Production. Cjualrty continuity is achieved by supporting production with the untouched automation system. Flouris produced under Golda and Meldabrands with 50 Kg sacks and again under same brands with 1, 2, 4 , 5 and 10 kg packages and offered to the admiration of the customer.


Macaroni plant’s 260 ton/day production capacity is one of the biggest production capacities in Turkey. Production and packaging are done completely untouched and under hygienic conditions with the PLC control system. With the new BU HLER technology used forthe first time in Turkey by KOMGIDA A.S. dough formation time is just 20 seconds. Short dough formation time mean is not just speed. It’s mean also macaroni’s color and high cooking quality. TURBOTHERMC drying tunnels drying in a very short time period with the high temperature. Selected packaging machines can feed by the automatic program from PLC controlled resting silos. All packaging machines in facilities have a last technology. Metal detectors and weigh control devices exist  in all packaging machines. We are packaging under GOLDA and MELDA brands with different grams.


Biscuit and wafer production is made under GOLDA brand. Cream biscuits with strawberry, banana, lemon, orange and cocoa, plain cream biscuits, finger, petitebeurre and picnic biscuit production is made at different grams. Daiy production capacity is 20 tons. The company is producing pain wafer, wafers with strawberry, banana and cocoa with different grams in our RAPIDO Technology equipped wafer line. Daiy production capacity of wafer line is 3 tons. In its 10 ton/day capacity marshmallow line, the company has been producing 3 types of coated products at different grams.


The process in puses plant consists of elimination, calibration and classification regarding their colors by photocell equipped machines. All steps are controlled by computer and PLC systems.

Pulses Plant’s daily production capaci 144 tons. The company is offering its products under GOLDA and MELDA brands at 900 Gr, 1.000 Gr, 2.500 Gr, and 3.000 Gr packaging types.


The company has one of the biggest and the most modem laboratories in TURKEY.It has all equipment to make all analysis about cereals, Its devices in laboratory have the latest technology and it can make “Determination of Starch Damage” analysis which can be made just in a few laboratories in Turkey. All analysis of raw materials come from producers and the produced products in Macaroni, Flour, Semolina, Pulses and Biscuit factories are made by experienced food engineers, agricultural engineers and technicians in KOMGIDA AS. Produced products in KOMGIDA A.S. facilities have TS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system certificate, TSE adequacy and HACCP certificates. All samples are taken by robots from raw materials.

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