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KOSKA aims to grow by 25 in 2015

Having ended 2014 with TL 180 million in revenues, Koska is aiming for a revenue of TL 225 million and a growth of 25 percent through 425 different products in 2015. Currently exporting to 78 countries, Koska will work towards increasing its sales by 30 percent and exporting to 100 markets in 2015.

With its 108-year background, Koska is among the most rooted Turkish brands. Koska held a press conference, where Koska’s 2014 performance was evaluated and 2015 goals were announced.  Moreover, two new commercial films to air were introduced during the conference.

Emin Dindar, Member of the Board of Directors of Koska, shared that Koska ended 2014 with TL 180 million in revenues and continued by saying, “Koska will continue its successful performance in 2015 as well. We set our goal as 25 percent growth and TL 225 million in revenues. Koska offers its know-how of 108 years in traditional Turkish delicacies such as halva, tahini & molasses, jams, Turkish Delight, brittle, wafer halva, marzipan, and pishmaniya to the world. We aim to grow Koska’s revenues by 100 percent over the next five years and reach TL 400 million.”

Koska, largest halva producer in Turkey, produces about 50 tons of halva per day

Dindar mentioned that Koska makes products that appeal to various needs in all age groups and continued, “We mainly produce halva, tahini, and jams. We have a daily production capacity of about 50 tons of halva, 20 tons of jams, and 10 tons of Turkish Delight in two facilities, which are located in Avcılar, Istanbul and Simav, Kütahya. With a range of 425 products, we have a production of 17,000 tons per year. As the largest halva producer in Turkey, our market share in Turkey is nearly 50 percent. Our market share in the Marmara Region, which includes Istanbul, is 80 percent. We believe that through the investments we made in both Turkey and abroad, we will grow quickly. We achieve 20 percent of our revenue from export sales in 78 countries around the globe, including Germany, France, England, and United States of America. We increased our export sales rate to 30 percent and set our target as 100 countries for end of 2015.”

Koska produces its own raw goods, supports local producers

Dindar, Member of the Board of Directors of Koska, mentioned that Koska is a one hundred percent domestic-capital and family-owned company and that it also produces the raw goods used in its products. Furthermore, Dindar said, “Pure vegetable protein and tahini, a source of high-fiber, are the main ingredients in halva and are very difficult to find in the market. We produce these raw goods in Koska’s state-of-the-art and hygienic facility, which is the only facility in Turkey. In turn, this reflects on the taste of our products. We are continuously improving the capacity in our production facilities, which are integrated production facilities that meet world standards in terms of its production capacity and quality, through technological means.

Sesame is another one of our raw goods and it is used in production of tahini. Sesame production is nearly non-existent in Turkey. Therefore, we are unable to meet all of our need through local production and have to import 130,000 tons of sesame. As Koska, we use approximately 9,000-10,000 tons of sesame annually and are also purchasing imported sesame as well.  As Koska, we have made seeding contracts with producers in the Mediterranean region for 7,300 decares. With that, we have signed a new social responsibility projects towards incentivizing production of sesame in Turkey.

Dindar stated that Koska has BRC certification, an internationally recognized certification of compliance with global standards which structures quality and hygiene standards, and said, “With the BRC certificate we have in addition to all other international quality certifications, it is possible to offer Koska products in any supermarket or store around the world.”

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