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KRATER leads the way in pastry products…

Krater Company, which was founded in 1987, started to shape the future of the Turkish pastry together with professionals as a leading company in the sector of pastry products and always continues this with the trends it has set.

Krater, with a 28-year experience in the sector, has undertaken a role that will direct the pastry trends in Turkey with the importance it attaches to quality and innovation.

Krater provides convenience to pastry chefs thanks to its rich portfolio comprising product categories including powder whipped cream, crème patisserie, pastry additives, baking powder, jellies, fillings, charlottes, sponge cake mixes, cake mixes, ice-cream bases, toppings, pastes, decorative dough, dessert mixes and chocolate and compound products.

“Our strategy in the direction of setting new trends in the industry is to adopt a customer-oriented, creative and responsible service concept as a company which invests in high standard production technologies, pioneers the sector and gives importance to research and development activities by offering a wide product range to the pastry, ice-cream and HORECA channels,” says a manager at the company.

Export Sales

Krater products are exported to 22 different countries in 3 continents.

Krater products can be delivered by road, sea and air transport to these countries. Krater-branded pastry, ice cream and chocolate products aim to get a higher place in the world markets with its developed production technology, world standard quality and new products.


  • Whipping Cream Powder
  • Custard Cream Patisserie Powder
  • Cake Gel / Bakery Additive
  • Baking Powder
  • Sponge Cakes
  • Cold & Hot Glazes
  • Cream and Fruit Fillings
  • Cake Mixes
  • Dessert Mixes
  • Charlotte Powder
  • Sugar Paste
  • Profiterole Sauce
  • Ice-Cream Bases and Mixes
  • Paste for Ice-Cream
  • Gelato
  • Toppings
  • Chocolate & Confectionary Products

Quality Management

  • Krater is the first and the only company in Turkish bakery and patisserie industry within all sectoral firms that own FSSC 22000:2010 certificate in Turkey.
  • FSSC 22000:2010 is an International Standard developed for the certification of Food Safety Management Systems for food manufacturers.
  • Krater has also Halal Food Certificate for all bakery and pastry product categories.

The quality system at Krater is increasingly developing with its approach to errors systematically and on time. Therefore, Krater set a higher standard and raised the bar in 2015 regarding examining customer complaints and responding satisfactorily. “We, as Krater, are proud of serving the pastry sector therefore the humanity,” takes pride the manager, and continues:

“All materials and ingredients used at Krater comprise universally valid, safe and quality materials and ingredients. We never make concessions to quality and product safety in the production, storage and delivery stages. Our products are systematically and continuously examined and checked in terms of quality and health during the production stage. Our health and quality controls is not limited to production stage. Inspection is carried out for the storage and transport stages at certain intervals. All negations are prevented in terms of food safety.

“Within the framework of all this information, the Krater brand on a product is a commitment that you can safely consume it and it conforms to all related legal requirements and has high quality standards.

Production Plant

“The greatest success of Krater in the pastry sector, which has been increasingly continuing its activities since it was founded, is due to the fact that it protects its naturalness by selecting quality raw materials in its all products. Krater, which saves time for its sector with these natural raw materials, offers good quality standard production guarantee in its plant in Tuzla Organized Industrial Site of Chemical Industrialists.

  • Working with a concept of High Quality Production Process in the European Standards
  • Using packaging which takes human health as a basis conforms to hygienic standards and is suitable for food.”

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