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Matli Food Co.: Half a Century in Agri business

A supplier of feeds Matli Food Company runs for being a major protein supplier in Turkey ,” says, Omer Matli, founder of the company.

Business life of Omer Matli started as an onion traded in Karacabey in 1965. He then began to livestock trade and than dairy operations. Rise trade was the next stop for Mr. Matli and built a riseprocessing factory in 1980 when he started to produce feeds for livestock inventory around Bursa province. The company then moved into poultry business in 2010. Employing about 550 people in production and having about 400 sales agents, the company has business relations with about two thousand companies and realized about 400 million TL turnover in 2012. Feed is major product of the company and accounts for about three forth of the total sales.

The company has facilities in other parts of the country in Konya, Corlu, Turguzlu and Samson producing 1.12 million tons of feed. In the factories variety of feeds depending on the orders of customers are produced. The company targets to produce 2 million tons of feed and become a national supplier of livestock feeds. Matli company has been producing eggs since 2010 and selling them under Burdan brand. At the facilities in Canbaz, home village of the founder Matli, out 500 million eggs are produced annually. Target for the year 2020 is 2 billion eggs per annum. Burdan brand eggs are basically produced by poultry that have been fed with harvested crops.


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