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Employees supervising terminal operations

MSC, a global leader for transportation and logistics in Turkey

Having opened in 1995, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company’s Turkey agency has expanded its presence to cover the main ports of the country. Offering a global network coverage as well as local knowledge of the market, today the company has several hundred employees in 15 offices across the country.

MSC Turkey prides itself on recognizing the importance of protecting its customers’ cargo from the moment it takes charge of the container to the moment the container reaches its destination. The local shipping agents are passionate about transportation and logistics, which helps generate the very best in customer service from a passionate bunch of people.

Asyaport terminal

Turkey benefits from very good climatic and ecological conditions which enhance the potential for the production of many varieties of fruit and vegetables. The conditions are particularly good for the cultivation of citrus fruit which is the most important sub-group of the fresh fruits and vegetables sector in Turkey. Citrus fruit production ranks fourth place among fresh produce in Turkey.

With an export of 3.3 million tons of fresh fruit and more than one million tons of fresh vegetables, Turkey is among top ten exporting countries for these types of produce. Tangerines and lemons are the most important products, followed by tomatoes and oranges. The Turkish production of both fresh fruit and fresh vegetables is steadily growing as demand around the world is increasing.

According to typical seasonality, the peak of the Turkish foreign trade in fresh fruit and vegetables is in the final months of the year. The export of tangerines reaches an absolute peak in November and December. This is all linked to the holiday season when there is a sharp increase in demand for citrus fruits (lemons, oranges and grapefruit) as well as for pomegranate.

Truck at the Asyaport terminal

In peak season, MSC updates its network to better serve shippers moving cargo between Turkey and Russia. A dedicated service which is a fast, secure, cost-effective and sustainable was launched to provide advantage for shipments from Mersin and Iskenderun to Novorossiysk, shifting goods from the place of production to the place of consumption.

With regular weekly sailing, cargoes are shipped directly to Novorossiysk in 4 days from Mersin and 5 days from İskenderun. MSC works closely with clients to customise services based on their needs, which helps to open up new markets for exporters.

Crane dropping off a container on a rail line

Why choose MSC for your food & beverages cargo?

From frozen meats to fruit and beverages, many of the world’s most celebrated brands trust MSC to fulfil their shipping and logistics needs every day. The scale and flexibility of MSC’s approach has enabled the company to build successful, long-term relationships with growers, producers, wholesalers and retailers from all over the world.


Our commitment to you, wherever you are:

Superior global coverage
Connections with all trade centres of the world, transportation from 110 major export countries, to 130 major import countries.

Accessible dedicated team of experts Versatile container expert teams who ensure trouble-free and stable operations and who are dedicated to advising customers such as fruit producers and shippers on how best to prepare their goods for transportation and help them reach existing and new markets.

Wide variety of equipment – 20′ and 40′ dry or reefer containers, flexi tank, trucks with small generator units called GenSet, trucks without GenSet, inner-liner bag, tipping chasis, smart container solutions.

Weekly and regular services to global destinations – Efficient, fast and reliable transportation services from Turkey to worldwide destinations and from worldwide origins to Turkey.

Safeguarding the cold chain – MSC container systems can safeguard the cold chain enabling door to door transport at a controlled temperature. New technologies and sustainable services enable the reaching of destinations that could not be reached or would be too expensive by road or rail.

Specialised services – Citrus service; Double call to Novorossiysk port; 4 days transit time from Mersin-5 days transit time form Iskenderun.

Shipment tracking From booking receipt to delivery to final destination.

Global partners, local teams Strong experience in transporting all perishable cargo by sea, providing the professionalism necessary to handle fresh and frozen products without risk.

Customised door-to-door shipping solutions With a fleet of trucks and wagons, MSC Group’s logistics arm MEDLOG offers railway, transit, project transport and depot services for shipments carried by various shipping lines.

Improved product offerings and customer experience Supported by innovative and digitalised solutions and services.

Caring for the environment, employees & local communities Constantly renewing our modern, green fleet and caring for our workforce of over 70,000 employees, as well as the people in the communities in which we operate.

Building relationships for joint success – Teams struggle to build and sustain long term relationships with customers for joint planning and joint problem solving.


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