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Nefamak adds value to wafer with its high quality machines

* Nefamak was founded in 1989 with an aim to manufacture wafer machines, and now it has become an international representative of Turkey in turnkey contractor for wafer production facilities.

Nefamak Machinery offers a wide range of products from wafer machine parts to wafer production line; chocolate coating machines, cooling tunnels and feeding-packaging machines as well as all necessary equipment for the production lines of wafer plants.

We met with Erkan Boyacı, assistant general manager of the company. He furnished us with information about the establishment, products, order processes and targets of Nefamak Machinery. Erkan Boyaci’s saying, “the quality of human is the quality of the product” is the basis of Nefamak’s quality policy.

Mr. Erkan Boyacı, first of all, let’s get to know you.

I was born in 1976 in Istanbul. I completed my undergraduate education in Sakarya University Mechanical Engineering department and stepped into the machinery sector. I became experienced in both manufacturing and R&D. Then I focused on planning and sales. Afterwards, I was appointed as Deputy General Manager by Necmettin Duman, the owner of our company. Now, along with my other colleagues in Nefamak Machinery I continue to work aiming to make our company and its name a valuable brand that will represent Turkey abroad successfully.

Could you tell us about the establishment stages of the company?

Founded in 1989 as a small workshop by Necmettin Bey’s father and brother, our company specialized in the manufacturing of wafer machines. In line with the demands of the wafer sector, we started to produce auxiliary equipment and then turnkey wafer production facilities. In the last five years, we have invested in chocolate coating machines, cooling tunnels and feeding and packaging of the final product which are not in our product portfolio. In addition, we have accelerated the production of wafer machines, which we are the most experienced. We increased both the efficiency and capacity of machinery and production facilities. Now, we are in a position to meet all the needs of our prospective customers.

Can you provide information about your production activities?

After receiving the order from the customer, customer interviews are made. Then the feasibility studies of the factory are started. One-to-one project of the field is prepared together with the project engineers. Capacity and right machine selections are made according to customer demands. Work orders are prepared for manufacturing. If there is standard equipment in this technical data, our direct planning department activates it through IEP system and puts the production and assembly works in line. If there is a part that the customer wants to be specially designed, prototypes are produced and sent back to the planning departments. After the machines are completed and the automation process is completed successfully, the shipment takes place. The assembly and installation of the products reaching the customer are done by final product production and product trials and the machines are delivered on turnkey basis.

How long does an average project take to complete?

Medium and high capacity wafer production lines in our projects, if there are chocolate coating machines in their kitchens, cooling tunnels and feeding-packaging departments can last 4-5 months. Since we are working on successive projects and not on a single project, we are able to deliver a single project from A to Z within a month by reducing the installation times to a very short time since we are sufficient in terms of hardware and storage space.

Can you give us information about your production facility?

We are currently operating in 16,500 m2 closed area. More than 1,500 m2 of this area is used as a warehouse. We accelerate our assembly time by keeping ready-to-install parts and electronic parts in the warehouse area. At the same time, we can keep our stock costs under control. These result in a minimum level of problems in currency fluctuations. There are about 50 staff in our facility as managers and experienced engineers. Our total number of employees reaches 150.

Could you tell us about your R&D studies?

As you know, our government provides support and grants for R&D activities. The importance of R&D for the machinery sector is already enormous. That is why we continue our efforts on this issue without losing pace in order to stay behind the competition in the global market. We established our R&D center and we have about 20 engineers working here. The computers we use are also high-end equipment to help our engineers.

Can you tell us about your quality policy?

As a company, our priority in quality policy is based on human. As I mentioned, we have been trying to build a brand value for the last 3-4 years. For brand value you need to educate people of high class. We overcome the imbalances that experienced in most of the businesses by changing generations by training to our friends. Thus, the product we have made by a successful team that speaks the same language both socially and technically is of high quality, at the end. In short, quality people means quality products. This is the summary of our quality policy.

What are your future goals?

The most important investment of our company in the coming years will be on people. As I mentioned before, we have made the necessary investments both in employment and technology fields in our company in the last five years. But only working with qualified people will take you to the next level. Therefore, we attach importance to the training of our friends and state that the top positions are always vacant for them. Their success and their effort for renew themselves will transform the brand value we want to establish into a living organism and make our success lasting.

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