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New products from Aslan Çikolata!

Aslan Çikolata made a fast start to 2015 with 3 new products.

Aslan Çikolata (Aslan Chocolate) has offered new products developed mainly for the health of children. Underlining the fact that they don’t use gelatin in confectionery they produce under the brand name Golbon, Ismail Aslan, general manager of Aslan Çikolata, detailed us about their 2015 plans and their export activities:

New Product

2015 came with new hopes and projects after long difficult year of 2014. We have been thinking some new products since long time and we have started this year ‘’ the fruit based, gelatin free jellies’’ This kind of product was a well-known and children’s favorite consumed candy. It is soft and fruity. The difference between our brand ‘’ Golbon Jelly’’ and the other old type gelatin jellies is that, our product is totally fruit based and even the colors are naturally derived from fruits and vegetables.The other gelatin used jellies, gelatin is gathered from the animal bones and the origin of these animals is always a doubt among our conscious customers. The process between the two is also a big different and the investment of these lines are very expensive but we believe that the world will follow with the more ‘’vegetarian’’ items and for the natural ingredients use as in natural coloring agents, more health consciousness is alerted. The second new investment in our factory is our ‘’ Biscomax’’ and “Choco Nom Nom” brands new milk, caramel and hazelnut chocolates with biscuit under layer. We thought of two investments, as the first one was Fruit jellies and the second one was this ‘’hunger filling’’ new items. Every year people get more and more in rush with life, even sometimes you forget to have a lunch. So our new product “Biscomax” will be a good appetitive for daily energy. Even now in our office all our staff has one box in front of them accompanied with a tea or coffee. We believe this one also be one of the number ones in among all consumers.

For children’s health

For the raw material choice and use. We recognize one word everywhere; Quality. Wherever, which producers you go, they tell you that their product is quality even the product is not good, there is no doubt this word will be used. Quality is a word you can use for anything for any comparison, yes! It might be qualified, but is it enough? For us, the quality is a word relatively used. Our main objective in raw material choice is changed during last years, our main criteria is “Healthy”. This is the most important point for us. We all have families and children, we will go and buy something and eat all alone or together, at first it may make you happy for a few minutes as is sweet but is it healthy? In Aslan Chocolate Factory, even if it might be cheap or free, it can not enter to the production if it has a doubt in health criteria’s. Our food specialists always work for more tasty and healthy ingredients for use in our recipes and using only natural and genetically non changed ingredients.

About Export

We have wide customer locations. We are exporting our chocolates and candies to over 80 countries in all 6 continents. The product recipes for each area is specially provided as some parts of world is too hot and some is too cold .The peo – ple ‘s choices vary, some people like too sweet and some likes less. So working with this variety for long years, our staff became very professional in their jobs. In our production, we have 5 engineers to ensure the satisfaction with our well-known brand chocolate and candies. Then the production process is tied up with our design department with two designers to use best packing materials and the sales and after sales activities are held by seven experts. These new items will be new lines for our existing business partners and agents in all areas and we hope that our continuous product involvements help them to take advantage in their own competition in sales. One of the most important points is they can be confident that the product they sell will be consumed with reputation and will be a healthy product.


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