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New products from Miskon in the new year

Miskos starts the new year assertive with new products!

Producing halvah for over 20 years Miskos has been continuing its business life with new facilities and new products. Attributing the success of the company to its adherence to quality, Ayşen Börek, marketing manager of Miskos Helva said that they would increase their success with new products such as pismaniye, delight, cezerye, walnut sausage, etc. in 2015. She gave more details at an interview she granted to Food Turkey. Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

About company

Our Company, which has adopted as a principle to provide quality products and services to our customers at the same time, has been incorporated with the trade name “MISKOS” at an indoor area of 200m2 in Fatih-Istanbul, in 1994. “MISKOS” has constantly innovated itself in accordance with the evolving market conditions and international organization standards; thus and so, the company relocated to the factory in Bahcelievler-Istanbul first, then to the production site of 10.000 m2, established in Kastamonu Organized Industrial Estate; in order to meet growing demands of customers.

“MISKOS” carries out production under good conditions in conformity with human health and the regulation on food products, in line with the constantly increasing success rate and steady service concept of the Company, by considering high quality standards and nutritional values of the products, without compromising our quality and hygiene conditions.

In accordance with the state of the art technology, our expertized team has been producing quality and healthy desserts in a completely natural way; and not only offers these products, reflecting traditional Turkish cuisine, to the public, but also is proud of representing Turkish cuisine abroad.

Our purpose is to produce delicious and quality desserts in order to meet any request of our esteemed customers from both domestic and international markets, shaping competition.We keep our shoulder to the wheel to offer you greater tastes by raising our efforts with Research and Development activities, carried out within the organization of our recent production sites.

On services offered product

We are very sensitive to raw materials and purchasing. We attached great importance not to compromise our quality and flavor. We owe our success to our diligence. Each product of ours has different production line. For example wafers are being produced with no touch of hand automatically and we have the highest production capacity in Turkey.

Our plant located in Kastamonu Organized Industrial Zone has been widened since January 2015. We have doubled our production capacity and added new variants to our product range. Pismaniye, delight, cezerye and walnut sausage are among our new charming products.

On Export

Our export department has been established at our own constitution Miskos since last two years. We export our brand Miskos to the world countries. The countries of our exportation are now Europe, America, Canada, Middle Eastern in 2015. Our target markets are Russia and Far East.

In Germany we have a company in the name of Miskos Europe GmbH to coordinate and control our European dealerships. In this way, our brand Miskos has the possibility of closely monitoring to till the final consumer to be able to develop our exports to the European continent and find a healthy way to increase our business. As well, our company in Germany makes the logistics easier around Europe.

We are taking place in Istanbul Food Fair every year. This year Anuga-Istanbul has also been added to our event list. Also Sial-Paris, Anuga-Cologne, Ism-Cologne, Fancy Food-New York fairs are on our schedule.

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