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New York Summer Fancy Food Show held

Summer Fancy Food Show ’15 (SFFS) is the largest specialty food trade event in North America and the leading showcase of industry innovation, bringing specialty food’s top manufacturers, buyers, and thought leaders together under one roof for three days of delectable discovery, June 28 – 30, 2015. The Show featured more than 180,000 products, over 26,000 buyers, and 2,600 exhibitors from 49 countries.


Turkish food products attracted with greater participations National participation of Turkish companies in the 61th edition of the fair was organized successfully by the Association of Aegean Exporters. The union has been participating in the fair for 17 years. In the special booth reserved for Turkey 52 Turkish companies including 9 companies under Ur-Ge project of the Association of Istanbul Exporters, 8 companies of Association of Uludag Exporters exhibited their products in the fair.


Led by Association of Aegean Exporters, Turkey has been one of the leading foreign national participations at the show.

On the occasion of fair event, Turkish food exporters who want to increase their exports to the US market were informed about he enlargement of space allotted to Turkish companies in the next edition of the event. Deputy chairman of the association of Aegean exporters, Nurettin Tarakcioglu said that, additional space of 75 sqm would be added to room for 8 to 10 more Turkish companies. One of the largest food importer in the world, the US imported 700 million dollars of food and food products from Turkey in 2014. Tarakcioglu said, “USA imports 130 billion dollars worth of food annually. We want to get a share valued at least 1 billion dollars from this trade. Summer Fancy Food Fair is important for us to reach our targets. We participated in the event with 52 companies in 2015. Next year 8 to 10 more companies from Turkey will be able to participate following the enlargement of the booth.” Among the products exported to American market dried fruits, dried tomato, canned foods and sweets have larger shares. Many other Turkish food were exhibited in the fair including pickles, halwas, spices, etc. Special promotional committees for sweets, pastries, bulgurs, leguminous food, vegetable oils, flour and bakeries have organized special shows to introduce their wares. Turkish Ambassador in New York Ertan Yalcin, and commercial advisor in Turkish embassy Mustafa Ali Yurdupak have visited to booths of Turkish companies and exchanged  information with company representatives.


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