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Olives from Turkey

Olive and Olive Oil Promotion Committee of Turkey, which was established on April 3, 2007, has just started its operations in order to promote olive and olive oil in countries which have been chosen as the target markets of the olives and olive oil. 

Objective of the Olive and Olive Oil Committee of Turkey is to increase the efforts directed to the foreign markets and to diversify our export markets as well as implement promotional campaigns for the establishment of the “Turkish Olive and Olive Oil” brand and image. And for the domestic market, the committee intends to carry out promotional activities which shall improve the consciousness of the consumers in order to develop the market and increase the consumption. Other objectives of the Committee are to ensure product diversity in accordance with the demands from the world markets and to enhance the market channels, thus applying a sustainable pricing policy.

Our Mission;

• To tell the entire world that Anatolia is the motherland of the olive.

• To ring the Turkish olive and olive oil to a competitive position in the world.

• To make the Turkish olive and olive oil a world brand.

• To make the Turkish olive oil whose quality is at the top level be the most preferred one on global basis.

• To enhance the global market channels.

• To strengthen the position in the existing markets.

• To make longerm plans and bring such plans into being.

• To make efficient efforts focusing on the targets.

• To increase branded exports and make contributions to the Turkish economy.

• To make consumers conscious and ensure an increase in consumption in the domestic market.

• To follow the world markets and enhance the product diversity.

Last year, Olive and Olive Oil Promotion Committee was very active and attended following activities:

– This year our committee has attended Gulfood 2014 (United Arab Emirates) fair and carried out promotion activities.

-Also our committee has attended Summer Fancy Food Show (USA), Sial Paris (France), Food Hospitality China (Shanghai), PLMA-Chicago (USA) fairs and carried out various promotional activities during these fairs.

– Within the “Olive Oil: Healthy and Tasty” Project which is supported by International Olive Council OOPC has organized domestic tasting activities in four different cities of Turkey (Diyarbakır, Kayseri, Erzurum, Trabzon) in order to create the olive oil is a culture (like wine) perceptioning and explaining the health benefits of olive oil in December

– Olive&Olive Oil Sector Buyers’ Mission Program organized in Izmir, April 8-11, 2014. Companies form Brazil and America attended the program and B2B meetings were made. Also visit to production fields&facilitates and “4th Olive, Olive Oil and Technology Fair” has been organized.

-Beside these fairs I personally attended China Fair for Investment and Trade in September 2014 and made B2B meetings with giant Chinese importing companies.

Activities planned in the first half of 2015

Another Olive&Olive Oil Sector Buyers’ Mission Program is going to be organized during the “Olive, Olive Oil and Technology Fair” in April. The program is going to be organized by the General Secretariat of Aegean Exporters’ Associations, Izmir. Buyers from the selected countries including United Arab Emirates are going to be invited to join in the Mission. For the companies attending the Mission, a briefing on Turkish Olive and Olive Oil sector, bilateral business meetings with the Turkish exporter companies, visits to production fields and facilitates and a special sightseeing tour will be organized. Also our committee will be attending Food Hospitality World (Mumbai/ India), Dubai Gulf Food (Dubai/UAE), Prodexpo (Moscow/Russia), Expo Turkey in Turkmenistan, International Food Exhibition (London/England) and The 9th China International Edible Oil and Olive Oil Exhibition (Quanghzou/P.R.C.).


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