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One million lira of investment from Seyidoglu

Producer of traditional tastes Seyidoglu Gida plans to open in new markets to sell its products in 50 countries.


Expanding its product range by developing new varieties in halva and jam categories, Mehmet Goksu, General Manager of Seyidoglu Gida informed about his company in Istanbul Food Fair.


Would you brief the latest developments in Seyidoglu? What are your products and their share in the market?

We expand our halva and jam lines with additional varieties addressing both domestic and export markets. We search and develop new items. I can say that we are the leader in jams in Istanbul market.

We emphasize on light in calorie and rich in fruit kinds. Besides traditional sweets, we try to make our products more suitable for hot summer days and easy to digest formulas. Flour halva, coconut halva, peanut and semolina halva, Pepe licensed banana, strawberry and plain halva for kids are added to our product portfolio.


What are your targets in exports?

We have new targets. We export to 20 countries. Customers coming from the USA and Japan are important ones that we have had talks in the fair. Our export volume is rising continuously. We develop new tastes for new markets in abroad. We want to sell to each and every country in the world. Demands for our sweets are growing in abroad. We started to export our traditional products that are produced on our mother’s recipe. We participate in major food fair in the world.


What is the importance of fairs for your business? What are the benefits of participating in fairs?

Fair are good platforms to introduce our new products. We have been participating in Worlfood Food fair for years. We produce by using new recipes healthy and nutritious products made of sesame and grape molasses. Presently we have about 400 varieties. We try to make them 500. Beside this fair, we are going to participate in Anuga food fair in Europe, that we have been participating for years.


Do you have any new investments?

With a one million lira of investment, we decided to produce cakes, baklava and sherbet type of products. We prepare new tastes and items for all of our stores and suppliers. We started to construct a new factory beneath of the present one in Hadimkoy organized industrial zone. Following the expansion of capacity, we will have the most beautiful restaurant and factory outlet in Hadimkoy zone.

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