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Polonez supports gluten-free life

You are having troubles like bloating, asthenia or tummy ache… Your health controls are fine in general but your doctor wanted to measure also your gluten intolerance.

Have you ever thought that you might be intolerant to gluten? If other indications like constipation or
diarrhea, paleness, weight loss, itchiness, head ache, oedema are seen, you can be gluten intolerant or you might be suffering from celiac disease caused by gluten.

Gluten is a protein group found in cereals, mainly in wheat. It is also abundant in barley, rye and oat. There are 30 types of proteins in wheat. When gluten and gliadin react with water, they form gluten. Normally, gluten can be easily digestible but for some people gluten intolerance might occur.

Celiac is a genetic disease, which can be seen at any age, where high sensitivity for gluten is observed. It is estimated that one out of every two hundred people is suffering from celiac disease. According to Ministry of Health there are almost 80 thousand people suffering from celiac disease. The only treatment of celiac is a lifelong lasting gluten free diet.

Polonez Gluten Free products are 1 year old!

Andaç Günsoy, General Manager of Polonez, said, “It is our primary mission to be a producer focusing on healthy nutrition and quality.” Andaç Günsoy emphasizes that Polonez is following the healthy nutrition agenda and being first in the sector, Polonez launched gluten free products 1 year ago. Paying regard to our consumers with gluten intolerance and celiac disease, we made an innovation in our production. Gluten free products are defined as foods containing gluten less than 20 mg/kg. We started to produce soudjouk, salami, sausage, ham, roasted meat, smoked meat within this range. All of our products except Pastrami are gluten free. To raise awareness and to guide consumers making gluten free diet, we renew our packages and put gluten free sign. Leading our sector, we create awareness for our consumers.“

“Gluten is a protein supporting immune System. In order to substitute this protein, protein rich foods like meat, fish, milk and egg can be used freely in the diet. Gluten free diet is an expensive and hard diet. People on gluten free diet are deprived of many tastes and they are not able to find gluten free products easily. We are making life easier with our gluten free products for those people following a gluten free diet and adding taste to their tables. There is a big variety of gluten free products in the World. In our country many food manufacturer make big steps in this area. In this context, we are happy to raise consciousness in our sector. “

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