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Practical wheat germ from Selva


Selva Food Company launched the first wheat germ in practical vacuum packages, a functional food proud that is both tasty and healthy, as a new item in its “healthy life” product family. Having its special prospectus, the product is to be consumed by the consumers whenever and whenever they want, thanks to its practical one-shot package.

Germ is the most vital ingredient of wheat as one of the basic food items. It has high level of fibers, vitamin E, folic acid, B1 complex vitamins, minerals such as calcium, phosphor, potassium, and zinc, unsaturated essential fatty acids, natural sugar, proteins at the quality of found in eggs, meat and milk. Thanks to its valuable nutritional content, germ is regarded ideal for improving the physical and mental activities of kids, by supporting the immune systems, as a source of energy, having anti-oxidant effects and its support for fertility and preventing blood clots.

Selva advices the germ is to be consumed daily one package (8 g) by kids and two packages (16 g) by adults. The product can also be consumed by mixing with milk, yogurt, honey and cereals. Besides, it can be put in the makings of meatballs, breads, cookies, soups, salads and sweets. The product is not advised for the patients of celiac disease and phenylketonuria.


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