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Satsuma tangerine goes export markets



Russia is the biggest buyer


EIB Yönetim Kurulu

One of the traditional products of Turkey tangerine, a vitamin bomb dispensable in Autumn seasons as a natural medicine against flue, goes to export markets. Exports started on 23th October. Russia was the top market for tangerine exports from Turkey with 88 million dollars in 2016.


A special commission organized by the West Anatolian Regional Directorate of Economy Ministry, at the end of the tests and studies for ripening of the fruit has decided on the time for harvest of tangerine Satsuma farmed in several locations around Izmir province, where the product is farmed most.


“Due to the meteorological conditions fruits ripened 10 days late this year. So, we decided that exports of Satsuma tangerines start on 23th October this year. Last year the deliveries was started on 14th October,” said, Riza Seyyar, member of Turkish Assembly of Exporters and chairman of the Aegean fruit and vegetable exporters association.

A study conducted by Aegean Agricultural Research Institute commissioned by the Aegean Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, forecast a fall in harvests by 47% this year and volume of produce is expected to be around 102 thousands tons this year. It was about 193 thousand tons last year. However, forecast signals that harvest in the Mediterranean region would show up better than that. So, export volume of Satsuma tangerines this year is not expected to fall short. “Since the quality of produce is higher than earlier years, our farmers will not experience in their incomes though the volumes were rather limited,” commented Seyyar.

146 million dollars worth of tangerines exported to 45 countries from Turkey in 2016, a 7 % increase from 2015 figures of 137 million dollars.

As importers of Satsuma tangerines Russia has the largest share, 60% with 88 million dollars, who is followed by Ukraine with 27 million dollars and Iraq with 12.5 million dollars of exports.

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