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Seafood sector swims to new markets

Aquaculture in the fisheries industry aims for peak point.

Aquaculture gains importance in the fishery sector.

Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee (STG) promoted the Turkish seafood sector during Seafood Expo Global held in Brussels, world’s largest fair in its category. The committee served 5 thousand fish meals at the event.

Share of the aquaculture in fishery sector is rising in Turkey. According to the data issued by the Turkish statistical authority 537,345 tons of aqua products were realized in 2014. Aquaculture production has the largest share with its 235 thousand tons of output, and sea fishes are second rank with 231 tons production, other sea fishes with 35 tons and inland water production is 31 tons in following list.

In fishery sector, production by capture was down 19 percent to 302 thousand tons while aquaculture was risen up 1 percent to 235 thousand tons.

Chairman of Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee (STG) Melih Isliel said that share of aquaculture fishery reached up to 43.8 percent and targeted to go beyond 50 percent by the year 2023. By pointing out the growing volume of investments in aquaculture business in Turkey since 2000, Isliel added, “We seek the future of aqua products industry in the aquaculture businesses. Turkey’s aquaculture production was about three thousand tons in 1986 and that reached up to 79 thousand tons in the year 2000 and a 43.8 percent share now in total fishery production. Aquaculture reduces the pressure of fishing drive in waters and saves natural fish sources.”

The mostly harvested kind of fish in inland waters is rainbow trout and the seabass were mostly produced in the seas. Seabream ranked thirdly in production.

Exports of aquaculture products are rising

Sinan Kiziltan, chairman of Aegean Aqua and Animal Products Exporters Association said that rising production of aquaculture has also increased fish exports. Turkey’s income from fish exports was about 69 million dollars in 2000, and it rose gradually up to 692.9 million dollars by the year 2014. The largest market for Turkish seafood export is European countries, because people seek healthier products. Kiziltan said that the sectors target for export by the year 2023 is 1.5 billion dollars.


Euro-Dollar currency parity harmed seafood sector

As one of the sectors that is seen a source of pride for Turkish companies in exports, the fishery industry was affected negatively by recent fluctuations in Euro-Dollar currency, while there is expectation of increase in export by the year 2015. In the first half 2015, sector has increased export volume by 8 percent. Our exports were up 22 percent from 248 million Euros to 303 million dollars. Exports leveled on 339 million dollars in dollar terms, the same level of last year’s. We expect a reduction of the parity effect and exports will increase in terms of dollars in the second half of the year.


Fish and Bread Festivals are organized to promote domestic consumption in Turkey

Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee (STG) was established by the Turkish seafood sector under the aegis of Turkish Ministry of Economy in 2008, consisting of eleven board members which includes participation from the Board Of Directors on the Aegean, Istanbul and Mediterranean Aqua and Animal Products Exporters’ Associations.

STG is responsible for marketing activities relating to Turkish seafood and acquaculture products globally, promoting fish-products as one of the cornerstones of the healthy Mediterranean diet. A clear aim of the marketing is to build awareness of the potential of Turkish seafood products, as well as diversifying beyond traditional markets by focusing on the greater EU, US, the Russian Federation, UAE, Japan, Middle East countries and target markets.

The committee has been participating in 15 to 20 trade fairs annually to promote the exportation in markets and organizes schooll fish and bread festivals in domestic market.

The committee aims to increase annual consumption of fish products up to 15 kilograms per capita by engaging several events and activities. Fish is good for growth and developments of people, it helps to strengthening of bones, a valuable source of Omega 3, calcium, iron, phosphor and vitamins, a good supporter for central nervous system and mental health, it improves blood circulation and increases attention, perception and learning abilities and helps to loose weigh.


For public audience an advertisement prepared that tells the benefits of Seafood consumption and showed on approximately 20 different national channels during 6 months more than 2000 times. The target audience is defined as 25-45 years old women who dominates the household in food consumption. The domestic Campaign is taking place on digital channels too. STG is also very active on social media with a long term planning with a new generation website the appearance of group is changed from a governmental organization to a trademark.

The new appearance of group aims to be friendly and dynamic on daily topics at trendy channels. With one of the highest internet usage rate per capita Turkey has a young generation consumer profile. Stg is planning all its promotional activities due to this profile on digital world in order to touch the people effectively.

Also with the idea of “Future means Children”, STG trying to produce educational instruments for children with the slogan of “Growing with Fish”. Puzzles, Digital Games, Applications, Story Books.


5 thousand fish served at Seafood Expo Global Fair in Brussels by STG

STG, Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee promoted the Turkish seafood sector during Seafood Expo Global held in Brussels, world’s largest fair in its category. STG participates in approximately 15 fairs in 2015. Following its activities in Turkmenistan, the USA and South Korea, the committee has served 5 thousand fish meal in Seafood Expo Global held in Brussels. This was the 11th participation of the Turkish national pavillion, where 12 Turkish companies exhibited their brands. The delicious fishes were cooked by Ibrahim Onen, the chef of Sipari restaurant and Omer Gurisik who lives in Brussels. Chairman of the Committee, Melih Isliel reminded that total exports of seafood in the world amounted about 130 billion dollars. He said, “Our share in this amount is around 700 million dollars. It was 90 million dollars in the year 2000. We have long way in this market. We have to differentiate our export markets in the world. We can not hit our target of 1.500 billion dollars exports by the year 2023, with this 1.58 dollars per kilo average price of our products. We also have to find new markets and channels and run faster.  Innovation is a must for our sector. Average price of our exports of aqua products is 6 dollars. This value should be increased.”


Serving fish is the key point of marketing a food product. We believe that the taste memory never forgets and if you complete the sense by visual components, you are generating a full experience.

Europe is the largest market for us in fishery sector

Melih Isliel, chairman of the committee, has pointed out that 12 companies from Turkey have participated in Brussels fair. One of the most attractive booths of the fair was designed by the committee, has attracted great interest of professional visitors. Isliel said, “Turkey has become a shining star among sectors in Turkey, one of the fastest growing as food industry in the world. With its sustainable growth potential, integrated production facilities at world standards, made our companies more competitive in EU market. With fresh, frozen and processed seafoods, the whole world is one market. Facilities for processing aqua products have been developed remarkably in recent years. Turkish companies now are able to supply sea bass, sea bream and trout to the world markets. The industry realized an export worth 693 million dollars in 2014 and targeted to export 1.5 billion dollars by 2023.”

Sinan Kiziltan, chairman of the Aegean Aqua and Animal Products Exporters of Association said, “The aqua culture products industry has enlivening its golden years. One of four sea breams and sea basses consumed in Europe are delivered from Turkey. We are among the countries that raise its exports. European countries have the largest share in our exports.

There were many other leading names among the people participating to the fair. Among them were Hakan Olcay, Brussels ambassador, Selim Yenel, permanent representative of Turkey in EU, Fatih Ceylan, permanent representative in NATO, Ali Baris Ulusoy, Brussels consulate, Bulent Ugur Ecevit, Brussels trade counsellor, Nilgun Bukulmez, commercial advisor. Companies that participate in the fair under the framework of STG, include the following: Abalioglu Aqua And Feed, Agromey Food And Feed, Akuvatur, Bagci fish and food, Bal-Pi food, Camli feed, Group Sagun, Kilic sea products, Kopuzmar aqua products and foreign trade, Sastas Samsun freezing facilities, and Tamilla (Kainat) aqua products, Dardanel, Kocaman ve Penta companies.

STG is trying to pull the attention to the sector in foreign markets because Turkey has a big advantage for seafood industry. The nature is very suitable for growing the most delicious seafood types with its clean waters and bio diversity. The waterland of Turkey is nearly 14 thousand sqkm and has 460 ponds and lakes. This is a big richness for that industry those numbers are equal to some countries total lands. With this suitable nature the technology that used in Turkey is also up to date. Know how and the quality systems are above the expectations. The sector leading associations have targets of growing and defined future plans on marketing and increasing the production amounts. In 2014 the production of Aquaculture was 235,133 tons but the facility capacities come to 472,128 tons with the new investments only those numbers by itself are showing the shining future of Turkish Seafood Industry.


Also the logistic position of Turkey is the other biggest advantage for seafood because the main form of our products are chilled and this form requires a fast delivery such as air cargo. Today from Istanbul with 4-hour flight you can reach to 58 countries that means one third of world’s total income. Not only for fish deliveries this geographical advantage makes Turkey a meeting point of Business trips on 2014. 37 million foreign visitors traveled to Turkey officially. This shows that Turkey promises people more than sun, beaches and sea.


Turkish sea food industry headed to the USA and Canadian markets

 Exports of Turkish fishery products to Canada up 72 %

SIAL Canada fair was held on 28 to 30 April 2015 where Turkish sea basses and sea breams were displayed and had tasted to the visitors. STG, Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee participated in the event firstly. Four companies and three promotional committees from Turkey exhibited their products and has activities in the booth. More than two thousand visitors and 831 participants from 46 countries were present in the event.

Among the participants, Sinan Kiziltan, chairman of the Aegean Aqua and Animal Products Exporters Association, said on the occasion, “Turkish seafoods have attracted great interest of the visitors. North America is an important market for Turkish fishery products industry. We are successful in the US market. Now our aim is to repeat in the Canadian market. We think that we are on the right route. Exports of fish to this market increased 72 percent.

Sea bass and sea bream are well known species in this market. Our products are now sold in Toronto and Montreal cities. Direct flights from Turkey to these locations are very helpful for further increase of exports. Consumers in these markets are very conscious on products. Since they are healthier and produced under control, aquaculture fishes are demanded well.”

Other names including Ufuk Atakan Demir, board member of the STG present at the SIAL Canada fair.

Exports of Seafood to Canada

Year                Amount (Kg.)             Value $

2013                113,156                      544,150

2014                116,067                      936,151


Seafood Exports of Turkey

Quantity (TON) Value (FOB-$) % $ Increase
2000 25.320 $59.655.648  
2001 28.157 $77.435.510 30
2002 35.092 $128.171.494 66
2003 38.966 $173.398.745 35
2004 40.777 $212.733.138 23
2005 46.344 $248.569.917 17
2006 48.566 $280.930.601 13
2007 53.477 $324.682.032 16
2008 61.690 $427.333.196 32
2009 57.736 $341.507.374 -20
2010 60.236 $360.773.733 6
2011 71.926 $447.823.191 24
2012 80.022 $467.186.007 4
2013 102.362 $563.973.857 21
2014 116.408 $692.847.160 23


Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee Expositions in 2015

Turkmenistan / Ashgabat from 10-12 February 2015, Turkmenistan, Turkish Export Products Exhibition,

US / Boston, 15 to 17 March 2015 Seafood Expo North America,

South Korea / Seoul, 15 to 17 April 2015, Seoul Seafood Show,

Belgium / Brussels, 21-23 April 2015, Global Seafood Expo / ESE,

Canada / Toronto, 28-30 April 2015, SIAL Canada,

Thailand / Bangkok, 20-24 May 2015, Thaifex-World of Seafood,

Expo Milano, 13-16 June 2015 and 8-15 September 2015,

South Africa, Johannesburg, 21-23 June 2015 Africas Big Seven,

Japan / Tokyo, 19-21 August 2015 Japan International Fisheries & Technology Fair,

Hong Kong / 8-10 September 2015, Asian Seafood Expo,

Russia / Moscow, 14-17 September 2015 Worldfood Moscow,

Spain / Vigo, 6-8 October 2015, Conxemar,

UAE / Dubai, 27-29 October 2015, Seafex.

South Korea / Busan, 29-31 October 2015 Busan International Seafood & Fisheries Expo

Iraq / Erbil 16-19 November.


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