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Seker Pilic a pioneer in the Turkish white meat industry

Seker Pilic is one of the most leading white meat producers in Turkey. It has introduced a lot of technique to the Turkish poultry industry.

We made an interview with Emre Bor, General Manager of Seker Pilic, about the success story of the company, Full text of the interview folows:

Could you please teli us about Seker Pilic briefly?

Seker Pilic is one of the first poultry companies founded in Turkey. Our company was founded in 1958 under Emek Tavukculuk (Emek poultry) name. Emek Tavukculuk, had been producing eggs and broier breeders since 1960’s. Having the first place in egg producing in Turkish market, Emek Tavukculuk speeded up its investments in time. After foundation of the feed mill, hatchery facilities, and the estabishment of farms and saughter facilities . Emek Tavukculuk passed a new era in poultry and became a fuly integrated organization. After this process, along with chick production, chick meat and products began to be produced. Thus Emek Tavukculuk entered the food sector. In  1999, Emek Tavukculuk changed its name to Seker Pilic. In 2000, 15 percent of the company opened to public. As Seker Pilic, our market share is around 5 percent Starting from the year 1997, our company has participated in the study of “500 Big Industnal Enterprises” organized by Istanbul Chamber of Industry and took the 207 th rank in 2010.

Now, we are among top-ten companies of the white meat sector, having twelve production farms, brood and slaughter facilities, feed mill, nearly 1,570 workers, sales and marketing network consisting of 37 dealers and seven agencies.

We serve in four categories as Chiçken, ReadytoCook, deli and collective consumption.

What is the current white meat sector oriented daily production capacity of your company?

Working in full capacity we currenty have a daily capacity of 200 thousand.

What can you teli about Seker Pilic’s new investments, different production and different marketing studies? What are the main factors that make Seker Pilic different from other producers?

Seker Pilic is one of the first poutry companies founded in Turkey. Our company, producing eggs and broiler breeders since 1958, comes first in egg seling sector in Turkish market. We gained this position by speeding up our investments in time. As a result, we have been in the sector since 1960 and we keep serving as a fully integrated organization.

It is hard to gain the customer’s trust in our sector, but it is even harder to remain in the sector for years sticking to their trust.  As Seker Pilic, our market share is around 5 percent. In our sector, market share rank is evaluated as production capacity. When our new investments come into play, our market share will rise along with our production capacity.

How do you think was the fîrst six months of the year? How much of the 2012 expectations are fulfilled?

According to the data from fîrst 6 months our production raised by 7,49 percent and our saes by 7,76 percent. As long as we keep up like this, at the end of the year we wil reach ourtargets.

Could you please evaluate your exportation? Which products are you exporting to which countries? And what are the quantities of exportation to each country?

Our endorsement raised around 200 percent with respect to the same period of  last year. We believe that exportation will rise accordingly with the same speed.

Midde East is a market that we are really very active.  We are aiming to improve this. We are exporting to Iraq, Iran, Libya and Turkic Republics and Communities. Mostly we sell whoe chicken, chicken parts, offal (liver and gizzard) and ready-totcook products. We used to sell chicken foot to Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong but we do not anymore.

Strategically, Midde East market attracts attention as the most important point in the target. Apart from that, Far East and Turkic Repubics and Communities are among the other markets that we improve our relationships with.

Have you made any investments in 2012? What are they?

We completed all of our investments in 2011. Our high tech slaughterhouse and advanced processing facilities produce the healthiest products for our customers.

With our accompished investments we made a production of 85 thousand tons in 2011. Our goal for 202 is a production of between 95 thousand and 100 thousand tons. However, along with these goals, as Seker Pilic, we follow our sector and the trends cosely and develop new poicies accordingly.

Is there a special product that you introduced into the market? What are your expectations from this product?

We serve 50 different products in 160 different ways for our customers likes. These products are further-processed and best fit for the fast life tempo. These products are the most popular ones for us. For this reason, especially in this product range, research and development studies are made. The latest product we introduced to the market is sauced wings.

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