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Seyidoglu impressed in Paris

Seyidoglu made a great impression at Paris SIAL Exhibition .

Seyidoglu, one of the leading companies in the food sector made a great impression thus becoming a center of attraction in SIAL which is among the most prestigious food exhibitions of the world. Seyidoglu, with the exportation movert has started in order to find new markets in recent years, hosted the representatives of Europe and Middle East countries in the fair which Seyidoglu participated in with nearly 400 product range, “We will visit all the countries in the world in order to introduce Ottoman’s traditional tastes. We are participating in every fair held both in Midde East and Europe. Now, our goal is to increase the number of countries we are exporting from 10 to 20” said Mehmet Goksu, Seyidoglu General Manager. He also added that the fair was efficient in terms of finding new connections and increasing exportation ratios.

SIAL Food Fair, one of the biggest fairs in the world, opened its doors to thousands of visitors between 21 and 25 October 2012 in Paris. 5900 companies from 100 countries parti cipated in the fair as exhibitors. Turkey stood out with 9000 meter square and 208 exhibitors and instrtutions participating nationaly. Seyidoglu introduced its products participating in SIAL Food Fair. In Seyidoglu’s fair stand both Seyidoglu’s products and products of its sub-trademarks which are Sultanbac, Seysu and Cokomiss were introduced.

Seyidoglu General Manager Mehmet Goksu underilined that they were participating the fair every year and added “We are exhibiting our brand new products in this fair. We have a product range of nearly 400 under Seyidoglu brand. In 202, with more than 20 new products we enriched our customers’ taste, We started producing many kinds of desserts along with our main products hava and marmalade. Seyidoglu Gıda has a daily production of 25 tons of halva, 20 tons of sesame oil, 40 tons of marmalade,0 tons of hazelnut cream in its 8 thousand meter square factory founded in 2002. In order to both increase the product range and open to new markets, we started to invest in an additional 3 thousand square meter factory building residing right next to our factory in Hadımkoy. There will  be a serious increase in our production capacity by the year 2013.”

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